bed bug heat treatment in Hunters Forstal CT6, no more bed bugs

fast and successful bed bug heat treatment close to Hunters Forstal CT6

All our employees are professionally trained to industry standards for removing rodents or insects

No more roaches in one visit in Hunters Forstal

Kent Pest Exterminators can have an exterminator at your property in Hunters Forstal in under 4 hours to immediately and successfully remove all roaches.

A specialist will thoroughly inspect your house in CT6 to determine the seriousness of the infestation of insects. This will help them choose the quickest and most effective, specific treatment to apply afterwards.

mouse pest control: how we do it

  1. Full Property Inspection in Hunters Forstal
  2. Proper & Safe Treatments against mice
  3. Service Guarantee
  4. PEK Proofing & Prevention for your home in CT6
  5. competent service

Same day service...

Ben is the person we dealt with. Very reasonable price.
George A. January 2019, Bromstone, Kent (Type of Pest: fleas)

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solve your fleas problem fast

We can get rid of fleas immediately

Are you struggling with a mouse infestation?   Are field mice, small rodents or deer mice infesting your house, factory or building?

We are flea pest control experts based in Kent and rated the number one pest remover in Hunters Forstal, Ospringe and Bladbean.

Fast fleas control and flea pest control (available instantly)

To us, every rodent problem is an emergency – that’s why we supply 24/7 callouts for customers in Kent. We have all of the sophisticated traps and powerful poisons to solve the problem.

We understand that when an invasion of mice happens it can be tough for the all tenants or occupants – that’s why our service is cheap and immediate.

How to identify an infestation of fleas

  • mouse smells
  • urine pillars
  • damage to food stock and furnishings
  • grease rubs

We are available twenty-four seven in CT6

Act fast - fleas like house mice and voles can cause unrecoverable damage to your home, sofas, clothes, flooring, personal property and belongings.

For clients in CT6, PEK can be with you in 30 minutes or less!

How to eradicate fleas forever

All you need to do is ask us to visit your property in CT6 and we will evaluate and deal with your mouse or vole issue effectively and promptly – our prices cannot be matched!

Here at Kent Pest Exterminators, we prescribe fleas eradication only using approved removal tactics like fumigation and bait traps, which help avoid re-infestations.

We’re the first choice for flea pest control locally!

We provide services for homeowners and business owners.

  1. discreet, accredited and competent
  2. most efficient and quickest
  3. Years and years of expertise dealing with fleas
  4. flexible, efficient and helpful
  5. BCPA certified technicians

Avoid your infestation from growing out of control – act rapidly. Protect your business or shop, home or office by getting in touch with us today on 01622 962 462.

Hunters Forstal

How many visits

The number of visits to Hunters Forstal depends on the type of pest.

  • Mice (inside property only) can take up to 3 visits
  • Bedbugs: 3 visits or a heat treatment
  • Fleas: single visit in Hunters Forstal
  • Cockroaches: 3 visits or a heat treatment

To arrange mice removal in Hunters Forstal call 01622 962 462

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