24 hour cockroach control in Meresborough ME8, no more cockroaches

speedy and effective 24 hour cockroach control close to Meresborough ME8

For leading rats and mice control services in the UK, by qualified RSPH technicians

No more rats and mice in one visit

A specialist will thoroughly inspect your house in ME8 to determine the level of the infestation of insects. This will help them choose the cheapest and most effective, specific treatment to apply afterwards.

mouse exterminators: how we do it

  1. Full Property Inspection in Meresborough
  2. Proper & Safe Treatments against mice
  3. Service Guarantee
  4. PEK Proofing & Prevention for your home in ME8
  5. environmentally friendly service

Call: 01622 962 462 | Email: Contact Us | Close to Meresborough

no more moths

Same-day moths extermination in ME8

Do you need moth removal? Are fruit flies, squirrels or bed bugs infesting your flat or house, office or building?

We are moth removal specialists based in Kent and rated the number one pest remover in Meresborough, Badgers Mount and Strood.

24/7 rodent and insect removal 

We appreciate that when a rat or fly infestation occurs it can be tough for the occupants – that’s why our service is affordable and same day.

To us, every rat, mouse or bug problem is an emergency – that’s why we supply round the clock callouts for customers in Kent.

We eradicate

  • wasps, cockroaches
  • rats, mice
  • fleas, mosquitoes
  • house bugs, yellow swarming fly

moth removal available instantly

Act fast - moths like field mice, flies or moles can cause unrecoverable damage to your home or office or commercial property to items like:

  • carpets, rugs
  • beds, couches
  • personal property and household items
  • possessions and property

For clients in ME8, Kent Pest Exterminators can be with you in 30 minutes or less!

We stamp out moths permanently

Here at PEK, we recommend moths control only using approved management procedures, which help stop re-infestations.

First, we will use a set of treatments to identify the dilemma and its level. Once discovered, we will use bait traps and poison for manageable issues to fogging and house fumigation solutions for severe and uncontrollable problems.

All you need to do is ask us to visit your house or flat in ME8 and we will inspect and cope with your rat, mouse or bug issue expertly and quickly – our prices cannot be matched!

Number one choice in Kent

Pest infestations can happen at any moment. It will be good for homeowners to call certified moths professionals to help return your premises back to normal. Plus avoid re-infestation!

We provide services for homeowners and business owners.

  1. competent, certified and efficient
  2. safest and quickest
  3. Years and years of knowledge treating moths
  4. flexible, successful and polite
  5. BCPA certified technicians

We are cost-effective, helpful and effective. Rated the cheapest – you can trust and rely on PEK (Kent) to prevent your rat, mouse or bug dilemma from spreading and wrecking your home anymore!

Avoid your invasion from growing out of control – act promptly. Protect your business or building by getting in touch with us today on 01622 962 462.


Example treatments for ANY pests


Fumigation is still an effective treatment when it comes to removing pests in Meresborough. When your home or business is correctly fumigated, all pests are killed. In addition to this, you will not have to worry about pests returning for a long time.


Environmentally friendly pest control

We are one of a handful of Kent companies that now provide this service. Our crews are able to implement humane and also environmentally friendly pest control in Meresborough. If you're someone who is concerned about nature, then this may be something you're interested in.


To arrange pest cleanup services call 01622 962 462

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Amazing pest cleanup services, very capable service for clients in Meresborough. Martha .. June 2018



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