indoor pest control in The Corner TN12, no more rodents or insects

rapid and successful indoor pest control close to The Corner TN12

State of the art rats control

No more mice and that's a promise in The Corner

PEC Ltd (Kent) can have a specialist at your house in The Corner in under 3 hours to immediately and expertly exterminate all mice.

A specialist will thoroughly inspect your home in TN12 to determine the extent of the infestation of ants. This will help them choose the safest and most effective, specific treatment to apply afterwards.

rodent elimination: how we do it

  1. Full Property Inspection in The Corner
  2. Proper & Safe Treatments against rats and mice
  3. Service Guarantee
  4. PEK Proofing & Prevention for your home in TN12
  5. environmentally friendly service

wonderful for rodents or insects...

I had excellent service from PEK. On time each visit.
Alexander I. September 2020, Aylesford

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no more rodents or insects

Same-day rodents or insects removal in TN12

Do you need house fumigation services? Are yellow swarming fly, mice or ants infesting your home or office, office or building?

We are house fumigation services experts based in Kent and rated the number one pest remover in The Corner, Parker's Green and Wingham Green.

24/7 rodent and insect control 

We appreciate that when a rat or moth infestation occurs it can be annoying for the all living there – that’s why our service is competitively priced and one call away.

To us, every rat, mouse or bug issue is an emergency – that’s why we recommend round the clock callouts for clients in Kent.

We exterminate

  • mosquitoes, fleas
  • moles, squirrels
  • cockroaches, spiders
  • woodworm, ladybirds

house fumigation services available today

Act fast - rodents or insects like house mice, flies or rats can cause irrevocable damage to your residential property or factory to items like:

  • beds, flooring
  • clothes, rugs
  • belongings and personal property
  • household items and property

For customers in TN12, Kent Pest Exterminators can be with you in 60 minutes or less!

We eliminate rodents or insects permanently

Here at PEK (Kent), we prescribe rodents or insects eradication only using approved management techniques, which help avoid re-infestations.

First, we will use a chain of methods to identify the problem and its level. Once located, we will use bait traps and poison for little problems to fogging and house fumigation treatments for severe and uncontrollable issues.

All you need to do is ask us to visit your house or flat in TN12 and we will evaluate and cope with your rat, mouse or bug dilemma effectively and promptly – our rates cannot be matched!

Number one choice in Kent

Pest infestations can happen at any moment. It will be comforting for homeowners to call professional rodents or insects professionals to help return your building back to normal. Plus prevent re-infestation!

We provide services for homeowners and business owners.

  1. trustworthy, qualified and reliable
  2. most efficient and cheapest
  3. Years and years of experience resolving rodents or insects
  4. flexible, successful and friendly
  5. BCPA certified specialists

We are inexpensive, expert and efficient. Rated the quickest – you can trust and rely on Pest Exterminators Kent to stop your rat, mouse or bug dilemma from spreading and damaging your flat or house anymore!

Avoid your invasion from growing out of control – act speedily. Protect your shop or house or apartment by getting in touch with us today on 01622 962 462.

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The Process

  • Step 1. After you contact us we arrange a site visit to your premises or house in Kent within 24-hours. A member of our dependable team will search the home for signs of rodents or insects. They'll explain what is needed to eradicate the rodents or insects and clear your invaded home in The Corner.
  • Step 2. Your experienced specialist will remove any current traces of the rodents or insects, and begin to treat the infected area using risk-free treatment methods. If needed, traps will be placed around the property too.
  • Step 3. We'll schedule another appointment to return your home. We'll assess the current situation and clear any dead rodents or insects. Afterwards, prevention measures will be put in place, blocking any identified accessible entry points. This will stop further intrusion.

Example treatments for ANY pests

Pest proofing and prevention

Prevention is always the best cure. With pest proofing, we examine the perimeter of your property and find exactly where pests are getting in or could get into your home in The Corner. We then close up these gaps, cracks, holes and entrance points. This stops pests from entering in and also helps to prevent infestations.

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Fumigation is still an effective treatment when it comes to removing pests in The Corner. When your home or business is correctly fumigated, all pest are killed. In addition to this, you will not have to worry about pests returning for a long time. More.


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Wonderful pest control, very competent service for customers in The Corner. Peter J-P. June 2019