bed bug removal in Moon's Green TN30, no more bed bugs

fast and efficient bed bug removal close to Moon's Green TN30

We are fully certified and trusted by some of the biggest companies in the UK for Pest Control for bed bugs extermination.

No more bed bugs in one visit to Upstreet

A specialist will thoroughly inspect your property in TN23 to determine the level of the infestation of bed bugs. This will help them choose the safest and most effective, specific treatment to apply afterwards.

Our technicians know what they are doing near Holt Hill.

bed bug removal: how we do it

  1. Full Property Inspection in Woolage Village
  2. Proper & Safe Treatments against bed bugs
  3. Service Guarantee
  4. PEK Proofing & Prevention for your home in CT4
  5. health conscious service

Same day service...

PEK Ltd have been very responsive and have provided great treatment for our bed bugs prob. Thanks again.
Sara Brown. November 2020, Lamberden, Kent (Type of Pest: bed bugs)

solve your bed bugs problem fast

How we eliminate bed bugs promptly: 24/7 bed bug removal

Do you have a bed bug dilemma that’s taking over your building, shop, home or office or home or office? Are you struggling with an infestation of bed bugs? Don’t stress, Kent Pest Exterminators are bed bug removal experts.

We provide bed bug removal and rodent elimination in Kent, Twitton, Lower Heppington and Swanley. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to tackle.

Did we also mention our fees are unbelievable?

How to identify an invasion

  • dark or rusty spots of bedbug excrement on sheets and mattresses, in furniture, bed clothes, and on walls
  • you can actually see brown bugs
  • bedbug fecal spots, eggshells, and shed skins where bedbugs hide in beds and sofas
  • Itchy or red spots in a line or cluster

Where to identify bed bugs

  • Personal belongings
  • Sofas and fabric based furniture
  • Bedside tables
  • Baseboards
  • And more!

Discreet, capable and accredited

Pest infestations can happen at any moment. It will be reassuring for homeowners to call highly-trained bed bugs specialists to help restore their home back to normal.

Why choose PEK (Kent)

  1. reliable & health conscious
  2. quickest and cheapest
  3. Years and years of experience dealing with bed bugs
  4. flexible, efficient and helpful

How to dispose of bed bugs for good

Here at Pest Exterminators Kent, we get rid of bed bugs groups using risk-free eradication systems like fumigation or baits for rodents.

Must-read bed bugs facts:

  • people have varying reactions to bedbug bites, they can survive for weeks to months without feeding
  • the insects are most active at night, bedbugs moisture and the carbon dioxide released from warm-blooded animals
  • bedbug bites can look very similar to bites from other insects like mosquitoes, an allergic reaction to the bites may require medical attention

For customers in TN14, PEK can be with you in three hours or less!

Highly-rated quick and successful pest removal services in Kent

When it comes to bed bugs, acting quickly is critical as bed bugs could be destroying your property!

Book us to visit your house, so we can check your bed-bug problem. Not only can bed bugs be very irritating but they can also cause damage that’s unrecoverable.

We understand that when an infestation happens it can be terrible for the people having to put up with bed bugs – that’s why our service is cheap and immediate.

We’re the best for pests locally!

We’ve helped literally hundreds of clients who live near Twitton, Five Oak Green and Whitley Row. Many locals choose PEC Ltd (Kent) for bed bug removal and are very pleased with our extermination service

Avoid your invasion from growing out of control – act immediately. Protect your business or residential property by getting in touch with us today on 01622 962 462.

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The very best bed bug removal

How we work

  • Step 1. After you contact us we arrange a site visit to your house or apartment or house or flat in Kent within 24-hours. A member of our knowledgeable team will search the building for signs of bed bugs. They'll explain what is needed to stamp out the bed bugs and clear your infested building in Peckham Bush.
  • Step 2. Your experienced pest expert will remove any current traces of the bed bugs, and begin to treat the invaded area using safe treatment methods. If needed, traps will be placed around the building too.
  • Step 3. We'll arrange another appointment to revisit your property. We'll assess the current situation and clear any dead bed bugs. Afterwards, trapping measures will be put in place, blocking any identified accessible entry points. This will stop further intrusion.


To arrange bed bug removal in Twitton call 01622 962 462

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  • For more information on bed bug removal in Twitton Kent click here.
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