Why Do People Scream When They See A Mouse?

A lot of people scream when they see a mouse! It’s mostly women and children who do this, but men are guilty as well. But why does this happen? The main reason why people scream when they see a mouse is because of shock and surprise. You see, mice often appear out of nowhere and move fast. If you’ve had mice in your house, then this is probably something you’ve experienced.

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You could be in your kitchen or lounge, when suddenly a mouse runs out from underneath the furniture. This is obviously shocking and it’s why the natural instinct is to scream and shout.  It’s almost like watching a horror movie where the monster pops out of nowhere. Another reason why people scream is to chase the mouse away (there are smells that mice don’t like to help with this). This is also something that just comes naturally.

Are people afraid of what mice will do?

People scream when they see a mouse because people are irrational. What we’re talking about here is fear. Quite simply, the majority of people have a fear of mice which is completely unfounded, even though you will still want the fastest way to get rid of mice.

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What you have to understand is that there’s absolutely no reason to fear mice. In almost all cases, mice cannot hurt you. For example, let’s compare mice to rats. Mice are about half the size of these pests. Their teeth are also a lot smaller and their jaws are weaker.

Mice are also a lot less likely to bite you. Rats are far more aggressive than mice. They will not hesitate to attack when cornered. On the other hand, mice will continue trying to flee. And this is probably the most important thing to understand. People scream when they see a mouse because they are afraid. They’re afraid because they think they’re going to get bitten. In reality, this is highly unlikely to happen.


The bottom line is that screaming when you see a mouse is completely normal. There are reasons why we do this when we see the signs of a mouse infestation. That being said, this isn’t something that needs to happen. Understand that mice are relatively harmless. They are not going to attack you, so you do not need to be afraid.

Also realise that these pests are far more scared of you than vice versa. We could harm them! Ultimately, we are not the ones who need to be afraid.


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