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We offer the fastest bed bug removal service in Kent

Under normal circumstances, our customers want pest control services to be delivered fast. When they finally call us, it’s usually because they are getting stressed or the infestation is out of control. However, the distress experienced by people with bed bugs is on another level entirely. When people with bed bugs call us, they are usually going nuts with the problem.

The reason for this is simple. Unlike other pests, bed bugs do not interfere with your home, food or customers. No, these insects threaten something far more fundamental. Your sleep and sense of personal hygiene. As their name implies, these pests live in the folds and crevices of beds. Once you’re asleep they come out and start to feed on your blood.

Why is having bed bugs such a problem?

As we’ve said, the reason why bed bugs are an issue is because they interfere with sleep. This is because after a few nights, you’ll be covered in bites (with more appearing every night). These bites itch like you cannot believe. It takes every ounce of will power not to scratch, and, the more you scratch, the worse it gets.

This can make you extremely reluctant to get to bed at night. This is especially true if you know the insects are going to bite the second your lights are out. This can also have a profound psychological effect. Dealing with bed bugs can be quite disturbing. It’s no longer a matter of getting into bed for a good night’s sleep. Instead, the thought of going to bed becomes revolting. Your bed feels vile and sleeping makes you feel dirty. Over time this can seriously affect your mental health.

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to tackle

It’s rarely enough to simply wash your bedding. Leaving your mattress out in the sun could have a limited effect. Beware that buying a new mattress won’t be much help either. If you have an infestation of these insects, they will have already quickly spread to other places in your home.

Bed bugs can live in even the tiniest cracks. They also reside in furniture, behind the stuff on your walls, and even under bedside lamps. This means that even if you change your bedding, it’s not going to be much help. The insects will simply return to torment you again.

We get rid of bed bugs with heat treatment

If you’re dealing with these pests, then we understand your pain. What we also want you to understand is that you’re probably going to need professional help. Something you should also realise is that bed bugs are one of the easiest pests to exterminate. The reason why is simple. Because they are such a nuisance and cause so much trouble, scientists have spent decades studying these creatures.

What they discovered is fascinating. You see, in the old days we used to treat bed bugs with pesticides. Unfortunately. this wasn’t all that effective. What’s more, over time the insects started to build up an immunity to pesticides. No, what scientists found was that heat is far more effective. When bed bugs are exposed to certain temperatures, they simple expire.

This discovery lead to the creation of something know as heat treatments. This is basically a machine which generates a superheated dry vapour. The heat is spread around the affected area, and kills all bed bugs which are present, including their eggs. This is the only way to kill these pests completely, and it works in no time at all. There’s no reason why you have to suffer with the shame of bed bugs. Don’t put up with this a moment longer. Get in touch with us now for the fastest bed bug removal in Kent.