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If you are looking for effective mouse control in Kent, we can help

Despite their diminutive size, mice pose a formidable risk to homes and business owners. There are dozens of reasons for this. The biggest is because of the damage they cause. You see, mice build extensive nests. These nests are usually constructed out of soft materials like paper, cardboard, plastic and cotton.

In order to collect this material, mice will often attack the items in your home or business. They rip apart books, clothing, and anything made from cardboard. If you have mice, then you’ll more than likely wake up to find a mess in your home. This will happen every night until the mice are finally removed. Also realise that the mice will look for any food source. If they can, they will even attack the food stored in kitchen cupboards.

Mice multiply quickly and must be dealt with fast

What you also have to understand is that mice breed at an eye-popping rate. These pests can produce up to 7 litters every year, each containing up to 10 new mice. If you do the calculations this means that female mice can give birth to around 70 babies per year. This means that even if there are only one or two mice, you can be quickly overrun. What this also ultimately means is that where there is one mouse, there are likely to be others. Any mouse population will rapidly multiply!

Why mice control is especially important for business owners

Business owners should also be aware of the threat posed by mice. The main problem for business people, is that mice will eat anything that isn’t safely stored away. These pests have sharp teeth and can tear through food packaging like a hot knife through butter. They are also capable of tearing apart cardboard boxes and flimsy plastic containers.

Something that business owners rarely consider is the sheer volume of waste spread by mice. Mice are also incontinent. They defecate and urinate in any place and at any time. Most often this will happen in your kitchen after they have eaten. Unless you want to have to clean this up, it pays to get rid of mice as quickly as possible. What you should also be aware of is that the diseases spread by mice, are primarily spread through their urine.

This means that any food they have eaten has probably been urinated on. This food absolutely cannot be served to customers and must be thrown away. Over time this can cause significant monetary losses and aggravation to yourself.

We have the tools to handle your mice problem

Some people believe that mice will never enter their property. Unfortunately this really isn’t true. No matter how well protected your business or home is, these pests can still slip inside. In fact, did you know that mice can squeeze through cracks the width of a pencil? Basically, if they want to get inside, they will get inside. Not only that, most mice over-the-counter repellants are basically useless.

The bottom line is that if you want to solve this problem you will need professional help. Pest Exterminators Kent can provide this help. We employ highly trained technicians with the tools needed to get rid of mice. These tools include sophisticated traps, powerful poisons, and other advanced technology. Even if you believe the situation is hopeless, there’s a good chance that we can sort things out. Do not delay another minute. Call us now for the most effective mice control in Kent.