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Flies are one of the biggest nuisance pests that humans have to tolerate. The reason for this is because flies are also one of the most visible pests. Unlike most other insects, flies are not nocturnal, and they do not hide from humans. They are not like cockroaches, which you may rarely see. Preparing food on warm days can result in flies descending upon your kitchen and buzzing around you.

Another problem with flies, is that they are also one of the disease carrying pests. These flying insects can spread dozens of serious illnesses. Many of these can cause life changing symptoms, some of which can be deadly to humans. Flies are known to spread more than 70 diseases. These include things like food poisoning, dysentery and diarrhoea. They can also spread the eggs of parasitic worms, which is something you’d probably like to avoid.

Why are flies such potentially dangerous pests around food?

The reason for this is simply because of the way that flies eat. You see, flies are unable to eat solid foods. They can only eat liquids. This is why flies tend to favour food that is already rotting. Rotting food is partially liquidated and this makes it easier for flies to eat.

When flies encounter solid food, they first need to liquidise it. They do this by basically regurgitating the food. Their stomach acid is highly acidic, and this allows them to create a liquid that they then slurp up. The issue is that flies stomachs contain large amount of bacteria. When they regurgitate, this bacteria is transferred onto the food and is often left behind. If humans then eat this food, they may become ill. The whole thing is stomach churning, but that’s why you should take fly control seriously.

Flies also spread bacteria when landing and walking on surfaces. Their feet are covered with bacteria and when walking this is left behind. This is why it’s not a great idea to let flies crawl around your kitchen.

Why fly control is so important for restaurants

The most important place where fly control needs to be implemented is in commercial kitchens. This is for obvious reasons. The last thing you want is your customers becoming ill. Food poisoning outbreaks caused by flies can be a serious headache for restaurants. It can result in financial liability and even legal problems. There are dozens of instances when restaurant owners were given hefty fines because people got food poisoning. While this sounds hard to believe, these things do happen. It’s far better to be safe than sorry.

The presence of flies can also ruin the reputation of your restaurant and give patrons an extremely bad impression. Imagine you sit down in a high-end restaurant and a fly lands on your food. It’s unlikely that you would return to that restaurant.

We can help with effective fly control in Kent

The bottom line is that flies are a serious problem for all kinds of businesses as well as homeowners. If you are dealing with an infestation of flies, then they should be removed with haste. Here at Pest Exterminators Kent, we specialise in all the greatest and latest cutting-edge fly removal techniques and products. There’s no reason why you should put up with this issue. Help is only a phone call away. Contact us today for professional fly control.