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When most people think of fleas, the image that comes to mind is a dog or cat scratching itself. This is because most people associate fleas with pets. What they fail to realise, however, is that fleas do not feed or live exclusively on animals. Once they get into your home, they tend to infest carpets, bedding, furniture and more, until they become a whole house problem.

Fleas are essentially parasites. From eggs that hatch into larvae, they quickly transform into adult fleas. Once this happens, they require blood into order to survive and lay more eggs. This blood can come from any host and this includes humans. This is why humans can also develop serious problems with fleas.

The issue is twofold. For starters, flea bites are profoundly irritating. They are almost as irritating as bed bug bites. Another problem with fleas is that their bites can spread disease. Many of these diseases are easily transmitted to humans. Some of these are serious illnesses that affects your brain, eyes, heart and other internal organs.

Where do fleas in the home come from?

The most obvious culprits are your pets. Fleas obviously exist in the wild. When your cat or dog goes outside, they pick up these fleas and bring them into the home. This is also how humans pick up fleas.

However, fleas can be picked up without pets if you go outside to an infected park or nature spot. After sitting or walking, the fleas attach themselves to your clothing, and are taken back into the home. At that point, they begin to breed and multiply and soon you have an infestation on your hands. Some people want to know how to prevent this, but the answer is that there’s really nothing you can do. Any time you go outside there’s a chance you’ll pick up some kind of insect.

How to get rid of fleas in your home for good

Fleas are incredibly difficult to get rid of. This because of their size and the fact that they breed rapidly. Most people will try to eliminate fleas by vacuuming their carpets or washing their clothing, bedding etc. You’ll probably also address your pets and wash them with anti-flea shampoo or get advice from your vet. While it’s possible to have limited success with these techniques, they will not entirely rid your home of fleas.

The biggest reason why this happens is because – as everyone knows – fleas are incredible jumpers. They have a phenomenal ability to leap around and move through your house. As you clean one area, they will simply hop to the next. This is why vacuuming is limited as a remedy.

Our Kent flea control methods are far more powerful

In most cases, this will include either fumigation or heat treatments. Fumigation is still an effective technique for removing many types of pest. We can come to your home, seal off the affected area, and fumigate. This will kill most types of insects, including fleas. But while this method is effective, it is not ideal. The problem with fumigation is that you’ll have to vacate the house for a period of time. This is so that the pesticide has time to dissipate. The other drawback is that fumigation alone does not kill flea eggs.

A far better alternative to fumigation is something known as heat treatment. This is basically a method where superheated vapour is pumped into the room. This method also kills most insects, including fleas. The advantage of this method, however, is that no chemicals are used, and you can reenter the home immediately afterwards. It also kills all stages of the insect’s life cycle, meaning the problem solved more effectively long term. If you need help to get rid of fleas, give us a call.