Rodent Control

Rodent Control across the county of Kent

squirrel on a wall

We carry out effective rodent control for homes and commercial premises in Kent

Rodents are one of the most pervasive pest control issues you’ll ever have to deal with. These vermin are everywhere and are unbelievably tenacious. In fact, did you know there are something like 150 million rats living in the UK alone? This means that rodent control is vital.

We handle all types of rodent control problems. This includes:

  • Rats control and prevention
  • Mouse proofing and control
  • Squirrels, which are technically classed as rodents

These rodents are found in every corner of the county, and are seriously difficult to get rid of. That being said, they are mostly attracted to places where food and shelter are easily found. This can include your residential home. And, in the commercial sphere, often includes restaurants, takeaways, cafes and shops that sell food. Businesses that process and store food can also fall victim.

Why rodents are such a big problem in Kent

Once rodents have found a source of food and shelter they quickly take up residence. Mice, rats and squirrels will attack anything that isn’t bolted down, including any food you’re hoping to sell to customers. Rodents can literally chew through any material. They can easily access places where food is stored in both domestic and business settings, and rip apart packages. Not only does this cause damage and waste, but it can also spread disease.

Rodents are basically riddled with diseases. They can spread some of the deadliest illnesses known to man. This includes conditions like hantavirus, leptospirosis, tularemia, E. Coli, and Salmonella. Any food that rodents come into contact with must be thrown away. No business or homeowner can afford to be affected by a breakout of these diseases.

These sorts of issues can cause immense damage to a businesses reputation, which is why rodents need to be dealt with fast.

Another huge issue with rodents is the damage they cause

Like most rodents, mice, rats and squirrels must continually chew on something. This is because their teeth never stop growing, and they have to gnaw to keep them filed down. Rodents also tear apart properties in order to secure building materials for their nests.

What this ultimately means is that even a few rodents can eventually cause widespread damage. This damage can affect stock, the material your property is constructed from, and also equipment. For example, rodents are especially fond of chewing on the electrical wiring found in both buildings and things like car engines.

Rodents breed at a jaw-dropping rate

They can easily spread like wildfire if left unchecked. Female rats are capable of giving birth up to six times a year. Each of these litters may consist of 10-12 pups. These offspring mature after only ten weeks, and are soon ready to reproduce the next generation.

What this basically means, is that rodent populations can expand exponentially. A tiny handful of rodents can swell to thousands in as little as 12 months. It’s for all of these reasons that rodents must be swiftly removed from your home or business.

We use sophisticated rodent control techniques

Our team employs the most effective rodenticide available as well as other advanced techniques. We have access to advanced bait traps, poisons and other methods for rodent removal. No matter how bad the problem may seem, we can quickly handle it. Remember, rodents are a pervasive issue and cause serious problems. Do not allow your property to be overrun. Contact us today for lightning fast rodent removal.