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To the untrained eye, squirrels may seem like completely harmless creatures. While this is often true, it is not always the case. You see, while you may enjoy the sight of squirrels gallivanting around your garden, they can quickly become a menace.

The reason for this is simple. What you have to understand is that squirrels are technically classed as rodents. And being rodents, they cause the same problems as mice and rats. This primarily means they can damage your home, attack food, and cause a tremendous mess.

Squirrels can cause a lot of damage to Kent homes

Squirrels become even more of a problem when their numbers become unusually large. This consequence of this is that the increased population of squirrels will all need to find food and shelter. Quite often this is sourced from your home.

What usually happens is that the squirrels first make their way onto your roof. They do this by using branches that overhang your roof. The squirrels then drop down from these branches and enter into your roof, loft or attic. At this point they build nests and begin to breed.

Another time when squirrels can become a nuisance is during the winter. As the temperature plummets, squirrels will seek a place to shelter. This is often why they gravitate to attics during the winter months. Squirrels may also enter your attic simply because they are exploring.

The consequences of a Kent squirrel invasion

If squirrels get inside, they can cause many problems. The first is their nest building. Like other rodents, squirrels also love to gnaw on absolutely everything. They will destroy anything that is in your attic in an effort to find building materials for their nests. They also breed quickly and you may soon have a serious infestation on your hands.

Something else you should be aware of is that squirrels are incredibly noisy. Anyone who has had rats in their roof will know these pests make a tremendous racket. Squirrels are on a completely different level. Squirrels will fight, run, leap, and screech during the night, and never give you a moment’s rest.

Squirrels are more than just a nuisance

Over time they may even become bold enough to venture down to your kitchen. If this happens, you’ll have an incredible mess to clean up. Unlike rats, these pests are not stealthy. They do not sneak in under the cover of night and steal your food. Squirrels will come down whenever they please and help themselves to whatever they can find.

Furthermore, squirrels also defecate and urinate wherever they are. This generally means all over your attic. Even a few squirrels can create an enormous amount of waste. Do you really want to be the person who has to clean this up?

What to do if your home is infested with squirrels

Prevention is always the best cure with any pest. To stop squirrels from getting onto your roof you should keep your trees trimmed back. Make sure to cut any branches that hang over your roof. It also helps to keep your garden neat in general. The more overgrown it is, the more problems you’ll have with squirrels.

It also a good idea to remove anything which may attract the squirrels into your garden. Most often this includes food. To start with, bird feeders should be squirrel-proof. Also, pick berries and fruit; do not leave them hanging on trees. Finally, you may want to call in professional pest control. This is something which should be done immediately if the squirrels have entered your loft space.