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Rat control in the Kent area

a rat outdoors in kent

We provide specialist rat control services in Kent for all properties

Of all the pests we deal with, rats are by far the worst. These vermin strike fear into even the most rational Kent resident, and can be profoundly difficult to remove. Not only that, they are renowned for causing significant problems.

The biggest of these issues is the damage these rodents cause. You may not be aware of this, but rats‘ incisors never stop growing. In order to keep their teeth filed down, rats are forced to continuously gnaw on whatever they can find. Therefore, if rats are on your property, you may soon discover items around your property covered in gnaw marks. Another reason why rats gnaw, is to gather building materials for lining their nests.

You should also be aware that rats are known carriers of disease. They can spread dozens of diseases, many of which have the potential to be deadly to humans. The best example of this is the bubonic plague which, believe it or not, is still found in places around the world today.

How effective rat control in Kent works

Removing rats requires a multidisciplinary approach. To start with, we will need to thoroughly survey your home or business. Our technicians examine every nook and cranny of your property. This is important because we need to locate where the rats are nesting and emanating from, and figure out why they are being attracted. We also need to learn about the movements of these rats. Which pathways do they follow, where do they go at night, and where is the best place to intercept them?

After this, we will lay traps. This is still one of the best ways to remove rats. Right now, you may have a picture of the classic mouse trap. However, these are no longer effective for today’s super rats. Instead, we use something known as a bait station. If you’ve ever seen small black boxes lying along the sides of buildings, then you’ll know what we’re talking about.

How do we get rid of rats for good?

These boxes are basically baited with poison in some cases, or contain bait to capture the rodents live in others. The traps provide the rat with a way to get in, but no way out. The rat enters the trap, cannot escape, and is caught. Over time, the placement of these traps can dramatically lower the rat population. Another useful thing about these traps is that they are clean, neat and efficient. You do not have to deal with the sight of dead rats lying around your property.

The third line of attack is prevention of future infestations. Once the capture phase has been actioned, we will help you to thoroughly pest proof your property. This helps to stop rats from reentering and should solve the problem for good.

Rat control for both residential and commercial properties

The subject of rat control is extremely important. This is true whether you have rats in your home or business. Do not ignore this issue. These vermin can breed at a supernatural rate. Where there is one rat, more will soon follow. They will quickly infest your business premises, home or garden.

Call us today to take care of your rat problem. We aim to eliminate the infestation, and reduce the damage and filth these rodents cause. Basically, if you do have rats, it’s an extremely good idea to call in a rat catcher immediately. This is not something you can handle yourself, and you should never attempt to do so.