What Makes Wasps Attack And What To Do

wasp is aggressive

Wasps can be aggressive, especially when they feel threatened. Knowing why wasps attack and how to avoid them is very useful! Wasps attack people because they feel their nest is in danger. They are more likely to attack in late summer and early autumn. During this time, their food sources dwindle, making them more defensive because they are protecting their colony.

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Why Do Squirrels Nest In Lofts And Attics?

squirrel in kent house

Have you ever heard scratching noises above your ceiling and wondered what could be causing them? It’s quite possible that squirrels have taken up residence in your loft or attic. But why do squirrels nest in these spaces, and how can you prevent it?

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Is Thermal Imaging Useful To Eliminate Rodents?

thermal imaging camera

Rodents are a common headache for many homes and businesses. They’re not just a nuisance but can cause real damage and health issues. Technology like thermal imaging can support traditional methods of finding and getting rid of them such as setting traps or using bait stations. But what about using thermal imaging? Can it really help eliminate rodents?

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How Do Mice Get Upstairs In The House?

Mice get upstairs

Discovering a mouse upstairs can be unsettling. You might have questions about how these crafty rodents make their way into higher floors of a home. Understanding how mice get upstairs is crucial for effectively addressing and preventing further invasions. This post explores the common routes and strategies mice use to access upper levels of a house. We also offer insight into stopping them.

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How We Keep Commercial Premises Pest Free

commercial premises

Maintaining a pest free environment in commercial property is crucial for the health and safety of both employees and customers. It is also important for upholding the business’s reputation. At Pest Exterminators, we employ specific, advanced strategies. This ensures that commercial spaces remain pest free. Here’s a detailed look at the effective techniques we implement.

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8 Tips To Prevent Ants Invading Your Food

ants on food

Can you actually prevent ants in your kitchen? You see, these pests can become a major nuisance for homeowners. The biggest issue is that there are thousands of them. Another problem is that they’re unbelievably difficult to get rid of. So what can you do about these pests?

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Can Using Traps Completely Eliminate Rats?

rat in a cage

How do you completely eliminate rats? The most common tool for doing this is traps. If set properly, these can go a long towards solving your problem. That being said, this doesn’t always work. Let’s explore why traps are not always a complete solution.

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10 Pest Proofing Steps to Take Now It Is Spring

spring pest proofing

Spring is the time you need to look out for pests. This is when they come out of hibernation and begin breeding again. This means they can quickly overrun your home. The best way to prevent this is with pest proofing. To get started with this, here are 10 great pest proofing steps.

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Why You Should Be Alert To Pest Control Scams

pest control scams

Pest control scams are far more common than you think. In fact, this industry has a higher than average number of scammers. The reason why is simple. People with pests are often desperate. They want to get rid of this issue as fast as possible. Unfortunately, it’s this desperation that scam artists pray upon. But what should you know about this? Also, how do you prevent yourself from becoming a victim?

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Should You Trust DIY Pest Control Advice?

Is do-it-yourself pest control really worth your time? In most cases, people dealing with pests will first turn to the internet. There are thousands of websites which provide DIY pest control advice. But here’s the question: is any of this really worth your time? Also, should you trust this advice, or go for a more professional solution?

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