How To Prevent Mice From Entering Your Home

entry point

It might sound like a cliché, but prevention is always better than cure. Nowhere is this more important than when it comes to the subject of pest control. Preventing mice from getting in means you will not have to deal with them down the road. It also means you avoid all of the damage and problems associated with mice. But how do you do this? What are the best ways to prevent mice from entering your home?

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What To Expect From Heat Treatment

extreme heat

Heat treatment is a relatively new method of pest control. In fact, this method of extermination is so cutting edge that very few people have heard about it. Unless your home has undergone one of these treatments, it’s unlikely that you’ll know about the method. This begs the question, if you’re a first timer to the method, then what can you expect?

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COVID-19 And Rodent Problems In Kent

rat in grass

Are rodent problems becoming worse during COVID-19? The unfortunate answer is yes. Anyone who is paying attention will have noticed that rodent problems are becoming dramatically worse. But why is this happening and what do you need to know about this situation?

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What Constitutes A Pest Emergency?

emergency pest control

Looking around our website you may have noticed that we offer emergency services. Now, at this point you may be wondering what exactly constitutes a pest emergency? When do pests become an emergency and when do you need emergency services? Well, there are a few circumstances where you may want to call our emergency hotline.   Read More