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Pest Exterminators Kent services include:

If you’re struggling with pests in your home or business, then we are the company to hire.

Here at Pest Exterminators Kent we can provide you with any type of service related to pest control. This includes, fumigation, heat treatments and pest proofing for both rodents and insect control.

1. Fumigation

Fumigation is still an effective treatment when it comes to removing pests. When your home or business is correctly fumigated, all pest are killed. In addition to this, you will not have to worry about pests returning for a long time.

2. Bait traps

Bait traps are essential when removing rodents. When traps are placed correctly they can quickly tackle even the most stubborn rodent infestation. These traps can also be used with other vermin, such as mice and squirrels.

3. Environmentally friendly pest control

We are one of a handful of Kent companies that now provide this service. Our crews are able to implement humane and also environmentally friendly pest control. If you’re someone who is concerned about nature, then this may be something you’re interested in.

4. Pest proofing and prevention

Prevention is always the best cure. With pest proofing, we examine the perimeter of your property and find exactly where pests are getting in or could get in. We then close up these gaps, cracks, holes and entrance points. This stops pests from entering in and also helps to prevent infestations.

5. Heat treatments

Heat treatments are a highly advanced method for eliminating all sorts of insects. This method works with simple science. Basically, insects cannot withstand extreme temperatures. During heat treatments, a superheated vapour is pumped into the affected area. This kills all the pests within minutes. It also kills their eggs and larvae. This is what makes heat treatments so effective. With other methods, eggs and larvae are often left behind, and the problem continues.

6. Emergency pest control

There are times when you may need emergency pest control. This could be when you are hosting an event, or simply when there is an unexpected outbreak of pests. Our team is standing by to help you during these difficult periods. We provide 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency pest control across Kent. This covers every day of the year including holidays and weekends. We’re also locally based, meaning we can be at your door in the shortest time possible.

Residential Pest Control in Kent

Peace of mind for your home and garden

residential pest control kentWe provide Kent homeowners with reliable local residential pest control

Pest Exterminators Kent can help you with all forms of residential pest control. Our technicians deal with every common pest in the UK, plus rare and exotic pests that you may not have encountered before. Our services cover pests like cockroaches, rodents, wasps, flies, moths, ants, bed bugs, birds, squirrels and many others.

What’s more, we are also capable of servicing all varieties of properties. This includes anything that can be classed as a residential property. Our crews have worked everywhere from the tiniest bungalows to the grandest mansions. We also cover large scale properties like high rise flats and houses of multiple occupancy with our residential pest control services in Kent.

Local Kent pest control you can count on 24/7

In order to provide the best service we also base our crews locally. This means that we can be at your door in no time from when you call. This is especially important when you consider the speed at which you may need us to come out to your home in an emergency. What’s more, we’re also one of the few Kent companies that offers a genuine 24 hour pest control service. Our team operates around the clock and are more than able to come out in the middle of the night, weekends and holidays.

What’s also different about us is the fact that we’re members of all pertinent pest control organisations. This includes the British Pest Control Association and National Pest Technicians Association. Membership in these organisations means we work to the highest standards. We also stay in the loop when it comes to the latest advances in pest control. We’re completely abreast of the newest pest fighting techniques, and can immediately offer them to our clients. What this really means is that there’s very little we cannot handle or haven’t seen. We have you covered no matter what you’re dealing with, or where you live.

Dedicated services for all types of home

What really sets us apart is our high level of technical excellence. The technicians we employ are highly qualified, and also follow health and safety regulations to the letter. They are fully insured, licensed, and given rigorous background checks. This gives you peace of mind, knowing your home is in professional hands. It also means we can provide the highest level of service possible.

Regular residential pest control in Kent is vital for all homeowners. This is not something people often think about. In fact, most people only contact us once they are facing an infestation. This is the worst possible way to deal with the issue of pest control. It is a far better idea to routinely implement pest inspections. This way you can keep ahead of the problem and you will never have to deal with infestations.

Residential pest control for landlords and ladies

Our company also provides contract services for landlords. If you own anything from a block of bedsits to a single flat we can help to keep your property pest free. Our technicians will come around from time to time to perform pest maintenance. This way you keep your investment in the best shape possible. Routine pest maintenance also helps to keep tenants and the council happy. With this level of comprehensive service, there is no need to ever consider another pest control company. All in all, Pest Exterminators Kent are the perfect choice when it comes to hiring local residential pest control. Don’t let pests get you down or control your life. Get in touch with us now for a fast, efficient service.

Commercial Pest Control in Kent

Solutions for a pest free workplace

commercial pest control kentWe offer a full range of services and contracts for commercial pest control in Kent

If you’re looking for an all-in-one commercial pest control service, this is the place to be! Pest Exterminators Kent specialise in all forms of pest control for commercial properties. This includes restaurants and takeaways, food processing plants, shops, factories, warehouses, and more. We also service other commercial properties such as office blocks, hospitality businesses and tenanted flats. Also, anyone who needs institutional pest control in places like hospitals, is also welcome to give us a call.

Our team covering commercial pest control in Kent is highly knowledgeable and deeply experienced when it comes to all forms of pest control. We are able to provide you with basic fumigation, insecticide spraying, and pest removal services. Along with this we can also implement pest proofing and traps. We even provide advanced methods such as heat treatments and environmentally friendly pest control.

This service covers all known varieties of insects. This includes (but is not limited to) cockroaches, moths, wasps, ants, bed bugs, flies, silverfish, fleas and ants. And of course, we also handle animal pests like rats, mice and squirrels. If you have a problem with pests on your premises, then give us a ring today. We employ the latest pest fighting technology and can have your problem solved in hours.

The importance of pest control for commercial buildings

In our experience, pest control is not often a priority for business owners. They pay no heed to pests until the problem is out of control. Unfortunately, this can mean infestations can get very large, very fast. Unless you take proactive pest control measures, minor issues with pests can soon become a full-blown crisis.

This can be a serious problem for people who run commercial properties in Kent. This issue is threefold. First, pests cause immense damage if left unchecked. Vermin like rodents will chew through any type of material. They do this mostly when scavenging materials for nests. This can include wood, cardboard, and even electrical wiring.

Commercial pests can be dangerous as well as destructive

Rodents must also continually chew in order to keep their teeth filed down. What this means is that they can completely tear your building apart. Other pests such as birds cause extensive damage to your roof. This is also done when building nests, and to a lesser extent when urinating and defecating. For example, did you know that bird droppings are highly acidic? Over time these can accumulate and cause costly damage to even the toughest materials.

The second problem with pests is that they spread disease. This can become a deadly serious issue, especially if your business involves serving customers. Pests like flies spread salmonella, E. Coli and other dangerous bacteria. If you are involved in any business related to food, then you must pay particular attention to this.

The third issue with pests is that they can ruin your business. Many a good business in the Kent area has had their reputation completely destroyed by the presence of pests. All forward-thinking business owners must be aware of this.

Control pests with our Kent commercial pest services

The best way to handle these issues is with a pest control contract. Once you’ve taken out one of our individually tailored contracts, our Kent commercial pest control team will routinely visit your business. We will remove any pests that may be present and also implement prevention methodologies. Don’t wait until it’s too late and pests have damaged your business reputation or spoiled your stock. Contact us now for information on pest contracts or other pest control services.

Pest Control Contracts in Kent

Solutions for a pest free workplace

pest control contracts kent

Pest control contracts are a must for every Kent business

Are you the owner of a local business, or do you manage rental property? If the answer is yes, then you more than likely already know about the importance of regular pest control. You see, the problem with pests is, that even if you get rid of them, they frequently come back. This is especially true if your business deals with food or customers. The number of pests in the UK is massive, and they will invariably beat a path to your door.

What this all boils down to is that all businesses need continual pest control services. This includes every kind of business – from restaurants to warehouses, and even the smallest café. By implementing ongoing pest control can you keep pest numbers down reliably.

We help to fight back the tidal wave of commercial vermin

The easiest way to achieve this is by taking out a pest control contract with Pest Exterminators Kent. When you do this, we put your business on continual rotation for maintenance and inspections. Our pest technicians will do a thorough survey of your business. We determinate what kinds of pests are present, what other issues there may be, and what do about it.

From that point, we periodically visit your business and perform pest control duties. This can include many things from physically removing pests, to spraying insecticide, and even setting and monitoring traps. We will also determine the time interval necessary to keep pests at bay. This may be once a week, once a month, or even longer.

How pest control contracts can benefit your business

One of the benefits of a pest control contract is that you may get access to cheaper rates. Another important benefit is that pest numbers are kept under control without constant worry on your side. As we’ve said, pests are an ongoing problem. Unless you are continuously attending to this problem, their numbers quickly grow out of control.

With a pest control contract, you also get access to a guaranteed service. You know that pest technicians are always available to visit, and that the problem will be taken care of without delay. The reason why this is important is because most pest control companies are unbelievably busy. What a contract means is that if you do have a problem, there will be always someone available to handle it. A pest control contract in Kent means you always have access to the necessary technicians when you need them.

What type of business in Kent use our pest contracts?

We provide pest control contracts for any type of business imaginable. This includes businesses that are big, small and medium sized. For example, our primary clients are restaurants and takeaways, but we also deal with shops, office blocks and warehouses. You may also benefit from a pest control contract if you run a factory, healthcare facility, hotel or even scrapyard. If you run any type of Kent business, then give us a call. Let us inspect your property and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Remember, all pests, even those that are seemingly harmless, can cause immense damage to your business. Pests also spread serious diseases and negatively affect the reputation of your establishment. All of these issues can be solved with a pest control contract. By hiring us, you gain access to regular pest maintenance. This helps to keep your business free of all pests. It also means that you never have to think about this problem and can focus on what’s really important – running your firm. For more information on our Kent pest contracts and other services – contact us today.