Do Rodents Nest Inside Furniture?

Can rodents nest inside furniture? The short answer is yes. One of the many reasons why these pests are such a pain, is because they nest in hard-to-reach places. Many of these places are completely inaccessible to humans. For example, rodents are famous for nesting inside walls, crawlspaces and pipes. You can now add furniture to this list. But why and how do rodents nest in furniture, and what can you do about this?

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Why rodents nest in furniture

First of all, when we talk about rodents in furniture, we’re generally referring to sofas and mattresses. These are the only types of furniture that rodents can get into. These items  have soft exteriors that rats and mice can chew through. Chewed furniture is a sign of a mouse infestation.

Rodents nest in these items for two reasons. First of all, these objects give rodents a place to hide away. In fact, they may be able to hide inside of furniture for years without being discovered. This is especially true if the furniture is being stored, or in a room that no one uses. Getting rid of mice in storage areas can be tricky.

Even if the furniture is being used, rodents can still bypass your attention. Picture yourself watching television every night. There’s a good chance that you won’t notice the rodents in your sofa. They can sit there, quiet as a mouse, and you’ll never know any better. Then, once you’ve gone to bed, they come out and look for food. This scenario is more likely than you think.


Something else to consider is that furniture is often placed against walls. This provides perfect cover for the rodents to enter and exit the holes they have made in your sofas. What’s more, some people never move their furniture, even when vacuuming.

Another reason why rodents nest in furniture, is because it provides perfect nest building material. The foam and material inside sofas and mattresses is a dream come true for rodents. It’s the perfect material for lining their nests and staying comfortable.

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What can you do about rodents in furniture?

So, what can you do about this to benefit from a pest free home? First, you need to get rid of the rodents. After that you’ll need to get it repaired. In many cases, you’ll want to throw this furniture out. This is especially true in the case of mattresses which cannot really be repaired. Also realise that there a good chance the rodents urinated and defecated in your furniture. This can be extremely hard to clean, which is why it’s often better get new furniture. Finally, you need to keep the rodents from coming back. You can do this by keeping your home clean and clutter free, pest proofing so they can’t get in and being vigilant.


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