How Do Rodents In Flats Affect Tenants?

Rodent problems mostly affect businesses and residential homes. This isn’t often a problem that you find in flats. That being said, many flats do become infested with rodents. Dealing with rodents in flats presents a number of problems. The biggest of these is deciding who is responsible and how you’re going to handle the issue.

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How can rodents get into flats? 

It might sound strange, but many people believe that you cannot actually get rodents in flats. They think that rodents — off the ground. Unfortunately, this isn’t true at all.

In fact, here’s an alarming statistic. Did you know that half of all blocks of flats that are not new builds, have mice? These are the biggest issue when it comes to rodents in flats. Rats are less common, but do occasionally show up.

As we’ve said, flats are raised off the ground, meaning there should be no problem with rodents (you might think). The issue is that rodents are highly agile and extremely good at climbing. Rats like mice are also terrific when it comes to squeezing through cracks and holes. What this means is that they are very easily able to get into your flat, and this is when you need a local exterminator.

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In some rare examples, mice may also be brought into the building. They could be hiding in boxes which are carried upstairs, and, from there, spread through the complex. But no matter how they get into your flat, the question is this: who is responsible for this problem?

Solving the problem of rodents in flats

When it comes to tenanted flats, believe it or not, there is no cut and dry answer for the problem of rodents in flats and keeping a pest free home. According to UK law, the landlord must keep the building in good repair. This means that he is responsible for removing pests. At the same time, the law also states that tenants must keep the flat clean and tidy. This means you cannot have piles of rubbish which attract rodents! For owners of flats, you are responsible for your own premises. You may be advised to work with your neighbours or residents association if the problem is widespread.

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So what should you do about this problem when rats come indoors? To start with, take care of your flat. If it’s a wreck, then you need to do something about this. Clean up the place and throw out your rubbish. Start doing this regularly. Also keep your kitchen clean. Wash dishes as soon as you use them. Clean your floor and counters as often as possible. Food must also be stored correctly. Do not leave any food out. Instead, place all food in containers that seal and put those containers inside of cupboards. If you’re lucky, taking these measures might get rid of the rodents. If the problem persists after this, then it’s time to contact your landlord or call pest control.


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