Is There Such A Thing As A Bed Bug Proof Mattress?

We know that bed bugs mostly infest mattress. With that in mind, is there a way to keep these pests out of your mattress? For example, can you get bed bug proof mattresses? The short answer is no. That being said, there are steps you can take against these pests.

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Is it possible to get a bed bug proof mattress? 

As we said, you cannot get a mattress that is impenetrable to these pests. Bed bugs are extremely tiny and can get into anything. They’re also flat enough to squeeze through any gap, no matter how small. Despite this, you can get covers that will make your mattress bed bug proof.

These covers are designed to keep bed bugs out of your mattress. You can basically think of them as a large sheath that encases your mattress. Problem is, this isn’t going to do much to keep your home free of bed bugs. Yes, these covers will make your mattress bed bug proof. They will prevent bed bugs from getting into your mattress but won’t stop the infestation and this means you need to act fast.

What you have to remember is that bed bugs do not only live in your mattress. These pests can still hide in places like your sheets, pillowcases, side tables, electronics, beneath lamps, and behind pictures. If these pests cannot get into your mattress, then they will just live somewhere else.

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Are bed bug proof mattress covers any good?

It’s still a good idea to invest on these covers though. Especially, if you’re dealing with reoccurring bed bug infestations. The cover will prevent bed bugs from getting into your mattress. This means you won’t end up in a situation where you have to throw out your mattress because it’s infested, or because bed bugs have made a mess of it.

Something else to note, is that these covers are extremely useful if there are already bugs in your mattress. Placing covers on your mattress will trap these bed bugs inside. This means that they can no longer bite you. It also means they cannot escape this bed bug proof mattress and will eventually starve to death.

What you’ll also have to do is get rid of any bed bugs that are hiding in your room to achieve a pest free home. This is extremely difficult. All you can really do is inspect your room and then vacuum up any bed bugs that you find.


Something you should do is wash all bedding and clothing that is in the infected room. When we say everything, we do mean everything. Do this for at least 90 minutes, and make sure that the water is above 50°C. If the temperature is cooler, then the bugs may survive.

Some Items that cannot be washed should be put in your tumble dryer or freezer. It’s a good idea to speak to a pest control company, like ourselves, who offer heat treatments to get rid of bed bugs.


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