What Constitutes A Pest Emergency?

Looking around our website you may have noticed that we offer emergency services. Now, at this point you may be wondering what exactly constitutes a pest emergency? When do pests become an emergency and when do you need emergency services? Well, there are a few circumstances where you may want to call our emergency hotline.  

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Customers shouldn’t see pests! 

A Kent commercial pest control emergency is basically anytime when pests fundamentally interfere with the running of your business. It can also include times when pests interfere with the activities of the business. Emergency situations also cover times when pests become particularly bothersome.

Some examples of this are when you’re about to open your shop to customers. You may have gone into your shop and discovered that pests are running rampant. Believe us, this does happen. You may find rodents or cockroaches swarming about the shop. In this case you’d definitely have a pest emergency on your hands.

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Another good example is when you’re having an event. Maybe you’ve spent days or weeks setting up the event, and suddenly pests invade hours before opening time. This would also constitute a pest emergency. After all, your event will be ruined if pests are running around.  

An emergency can also apply to institutions such as hospitals. These types of places absolutely cannot tolerate pests in any form. This is because pests spread deadly diseases. If large numbers of pests are found, then it definitely means there is an emergency.

Are pests posing an imminent risk?

A corollary to this is when pests pose an imminent danger to health. There are many times when this can happen. For example, when there are large numbers of cockroaches invading a business that works with food. Maybe you run a restaurant and are being harassed by swarms of flies. You may also have mice scurrying around under diners’ tables and need rodent control. Both of these scenarios would constitute an emergency.

restaurant tables

The bottom line is that an emergency is anytime you’re dealing with more pests than usual. An emergency is also when pests are interfering with what you’re doing or pose a particular risk. In either one of these cases, you may want to use our emergency services. Aside from this there are other times when you may want to make use of them.  

Our emergency services run 24/7. This means they are perfect for people who need after hours pest control. If you want technicians to come in after your business is closed, then we’re the company to hire. Our emergency services can be used for discrete pest control. Don’t want people to know you have pests? Read more about us and you will find out that we can come in quietly during the middle of the night. This way you get the problem handled without anyone knowing.


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