What To Expect From Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is a relatively new method of pest control. In fact, this method of extermination is so cutting edge that very few people have heard about it. Unless your home has undergone one of these treatments, it’s unlikely that you’ll know about the method. This begs the question, if you’re a first timer to the method, then what can you expect?

What you is heat treatment and when is it used? 

Before you know what to expect from a heat treatment you first have to know what it is. This method of pest control works on a very simple principle. The principle is that basically, no living organism can survive extremes of temperature. 

extreme heat

Think about it. What happens if organic matter, be it animals, humans, or plants is exposed to extreme heat? It simply dies. This is true whether that heat comes from a flame, the sun, light, or anything else. This is the basic idea behind the method: that when insect are exposed to extreme heat they die.

This principle has actually been studied by scientists who work for companies in the pest control industry. What was found is that every insect has a different temperature at which they die. For example, one of the most extensively studied pests are bed bugs. What these scientists discovered was that bed bugs die after 90 minutes of being exposed to heat at 48°C. What’s also interesting to note is that this includes both their larvae and eggs.  

Are there benefits to heat treatments?  

Now, you may wondering if there are benefits to heat treatment. You’ll be pleased to know there are dozens of benefits. The biggest is that 100% of the insects are killed. The problem with other methods is that quite often larvae or eggs survive extermination. Fortunately, this simply doesn’t happen with heat treatment.

no pesticides

Another huge advantage is that there are no chemicals or pesticides used. This is fantastic because it means you do not have to have toxic chemicals coated across your home. It also makes it a safer alternative for people with pets and small children. In addition, it is the perfect choice for people who are environmentally conscious.

What happens?

But how does the method work? Basically the machine is brought into your home and situated in various rooms of your home. These rooms must of course be vacated before the machine is turned on. When this happens heat is spread through the room and all pests, whether you are using it for a cockroach infestation or Kent bed bug control, are destroyed. This process takes a few hours at the most and you can go back into the room immediately. This is another great benefit i.e. when pesticides are used you cannot go into the room for hours or days.

room in a home

While this method works wonders, some people do have concerns. The biggest concern is that the heat will damage items in the room. While this is true to a certain extent you do not have to worry. Most materials are not damaged by the heat. That being said, you should probably pack up or remove anything precious in the room.  


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