8 Tips To Prevent Ants Invading Your Food

Can you actually prevent ants in your kitchen? You see, these pests can become a major nuisance for homeowners. The biggest issue is that there are thousands of them. Another problem is that they’re unbelievably difficult to get rid of. So what can you do about these pests?

ants on food

Ways to prevent ants in your home

1. Keep your surfaces clean

Food is prepared on kitchen counters. No matter how hard you try, some is almost always left behind. For example, crumbs from bread when you’re making a sandwich. Ants then come out and eat this. To prevent ants and take your first pest proofing step, you must keep your surfaces spotless. Clean the area thoroughly after preparing food and make sure that nothing remains.

kitchen sink

2. Wash dishes immediately

The same thing goes for dirty plates and dishes. People put these in the sink or on the side and then leave them. If you do this, you’re almost guaranteed to get ants. Instead, wash them as quickly as possible or put them straight in the dishwasher. Also avoid leaving dishes in the sink overnight.

3. Keep sink dry

Ants need water to survive. This is why you’ll often see them around your sink. Keeping the area dry can help to prevent ants. This is why it’s a good idea to wipe down your sink before going to bed.

Ants in the house

4. Inspect houseplants

Ants often live or hang out in the dirt around houseplants. Inspect these closely. If you see a large amount of ants crawling around, then it could mean there’s a nest in the soil. Either throw the houseplant out, or transplant it.

5. Wipe your jars

Jars often get sticky. If you have jars with honey, syrup, or jam, then wipe down the outside before packing them away. Do this even if your jars are stored in cupboards. Remember, ants are small and can easily get into cupboards and cleaning can help eliminate pests.

6. Wash dishcloths more often

If nothing else is around, ants will happily feed on your dishcloths. This is because dishcloths are often covered with food debris. In fact, you might see ants going up the wall towards the place where cloths are hanging. To prevent ants, wash your dishcloths are often as possible.


7. Pack away pet bowls

The food in pet bowls will also attract ants. They usually come out at night and feed on what’s left behind. This is why you should always wash and pack away pet food bowls. Also keep an eye out that ants are not attracted to their water dishes.

8. Trim back your garden

You can stop ants by creating a buffer zone around your home. Ants often enter by climbing onto plants and then into your home. You can halt this by acting fast and by trimming back plants and shrubs. Leave at least two feet between them and your home.


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