10 Pest Proofing Steps to Take Now It Is Spring

Spring is the time you need to look out for pests. This is when they come out of hibernation and begin breeding again. This means they can quickly overrun your home. The best way to prevent this is with pest proofing. To get started with this, here are 10 great pest proofing steps.

spring pest proofing

The best pest proofing steps for Spring 

1. Remove all clutter

The first of these pest proofing steps involves clutter. You see, pests are highly attracted to clutter. This is because it gives them a place to hide. Some pests, like mice, also use clutter to build their nests. You can prevent this by clearing up and removing clutter in your home.

2. Clean appliances

There’s a good chance that your appliances are filthy. Our microwaves and fridges are often the biggest problem here. Believe it or not, pests can sometimes get into these items, so keep them clean. Also pay attention to smaller appliances, like your toaster. Turn this upside down and shake the crumbs out over your sink.


3. Clean beneath appliances

When was the last time you moved your stove, fridge, or microwave? It may have been years. There’s a good chance that bits of food have fallen beneath these things. This will eventually attract pests, so move these appliances and clean beneath them.

4. Clean out cupboards

Your cupboards may also have clutter which attracts pests, especially cockroaches. There may even be pests living in the backs of your cupboards. Some pests, like moths, also lay eggs in cupboards. That’s why it’s a good idea to clear out and clean your cupboards, especially if they are storing food.

5. Clean your bins

Our bins are often filthy. This will attract flies and cockroaches. Start with inside bins and clean them thoroughly. It’s also a good idea to clean your wheelie bins. This helps to prevent foxes from coming into your garden and can help with mice proofing ready for spring.


6. Beat rugs

Take rugs and lose carpets outside. Beat these as hard as possible. This is important because pests may have laid eggs on your rugs. Beating rugs also helps to get rid of food debris.

7. Get carpets cleaned

Addition to regularly vacuuming your carpets, you may also want to get them professionally cleaned. Most carpets are covered in bits of debris that you cannot see with your eye. This is why it’s always a good idea to get them cleaned before spring. Then make sure to vacuum daily to help avoid moths and other pests.

8. Seal up cracks

One of the most obvious pest proofing steps is sealing up cracks and holes. Pests use these as a safe and sheltered place to lay their eggs. Prevent this by closing up the cracks in your walls. Check for places that pests could enter your property.

9. Dust everything

The problem with dust is that pests know they’re not going to be disturbed. This is why they love laying eggs in dust. Some pests also burrow into dust and use it as a place to live. Stop them from doing this by dusting your home as part of spring cleaning.


10. Clean up your garden

The last of these pest proofing steps is your garden. This might sound unusual. After all, what does your garden have to do with pests? The fact is that overgrown area right beside the house will quickly attract pests. Eventually, these will find their way into your home.


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