Mice Proofing Ready for Spring

Spring is a wonderful time. The weather is warming up and you can finally enjoy the outdoors again. That being said, there are drawbacks. The biggest is that this is also when pests begin to emerge. For example, mice that have hidden away from the cold are now active again. This is why it’s critically important that you implement mice proofing.

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This will prevent mice from getting into your home and becoming a nuisance. A pest free home is beneficial. If you’re looking for ways to do this, here are some ideas.

Steps to take when mice-proofing 

The first step of mice proofing is not attracting mice to your home. These pests are mostly drawn by food. This means you need to take care of your kitchen. Make sure that the kitchen is spotlessly clean at all times, and that your bins are emptied quickly. You also want to avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink and on counters. Most importantly, all food needs to be kept in plastic, glass or metal containers and then stored in cupboards or in the pantry that are not easily opened.

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Mice are also attracted to homes where they can find a place to stay. These pests are looking for dark and undisturbed places. If you have anywhere like this in your home, you need to clean it out. Also seal off entrance points such as cracks and holes. Mice will enter into the home through these points and will then begin to breed. In general, there should be no holes or cracks anywhere in the perimeter of your house. Make a thorough inspection and seal up any that you find.

More mice-proofing tips you may not have thought of

Another aspect of mice proofing is clutter. Mice are particularly attracted by clutter. There are two reasons for this. The first is that large piles of undisturbed clutter give mice a place to live. Clutter also provides them with building materials for their nests. For example, clutter such as cardboard and papers will be quickly used to build nests. This is why it’s so importantly that you go through your home and remove all clutter to prevent pests every season.


Also check the condition of your doors. Old doors often have gaps at the bottoms or sides. Mice are known for squeezing through even the smallest of gaps. Something that you may want to do is install weather stripping. This will prevent mice from squeezing through these gaps. If you have shingles on your roof, then check these as well. Mice are able to squeeze through areas where there are loose or broken shingles. Finally make sure to inspect your garage. Little used garages often have mice hiding in them. These mice may enter your home in search of food. Look through your garage and also remove any piles of clutter.


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