Pantry Pests and Risks Around Food

Have you noticed damaged boxes and packets in your pantry? Or droppings, dark spots, dirt, and general filth? If this is the case, you could have pantry pests in your home. These pests can quickly become a serious problem. They contaminate food and this can make you seriously ill.

pantry pests

Not only that, but contaminated food must be thrown away and this cost can add up over time. But what can you do about this problem and is it possible to get rid of pantry pests forever?

Who’s munching at your stored food?

There are several pests that can be classed as pantry pests. The biggest of these are rodent problems such as rats and mice. These pests are attracted by the easily available food in your pantry. To a lesser extent they are attracted by nest building materials (such as cardboard boxes). Rodents are also attracted to pantries because they are dark and largely free of humans.

cardboard for nests

Then you have pests like cockroaches, moths, and flies. Each of these is also attracted to the food in your pantry. Pantry moths are especially attracted to things like pasta, cereal, grains, flour, bread, and also herbs and spices. These moths often lay their eggs in these foodstuffs.

What to do about pantry pests

But what can you do about the issue of pantry pests? To start with, all food should be kept in sealed containers of either glass or plastic. There should be no exceptions to this rule. Everything must be sealed. If your food is in a box or plastic packet, it needs to be decanted.

jars of food

Your pantry also need to be tightly sealed. Make sure it is always closed unless you are inside. Pests can easily sneak in without you noticing so always practice pest prevention. Ideally, the only way into your pantry should be through the door. Carefully inspect your pantry to make sure there are no other entrance points. Search for cracks or holes where pests can get in. Even air holes should be sealed up or covered with insect netting.

pantry door

Also keep your pantry clean in general. Remember, filth attracts pests. Make sure the floor is clean and no food has been spilt on your shelves. It’s probably a good idea to clean your shelves at least once a week or month. Unfortunately, this is an age-old problem. Just think of the story of the Pied Piper of Hamlin, or the references to mice that lived in homes in the past. Pests have been an issue ever since humans began to store food. This is simply something you’ll have to deal with. That being said, the above tips should help to keep pests out. If this problem persists, call safe pest control. We can help with things like extermination and pest proofing. We can also advise you on how to keep pests out of your pantry.


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