How We Ensure Safety During Pest Control

Many people are worried about hiring a pest control company. This is easy to understand. Pest technicians are known for using some of the planet’s most deadly chemicals and poisons. But do you really have to be afraid? The answer is no – so long as you use a reputable firm like ourselves.

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You see, safety during pest control really isn’t something you have to worry about. This is due to the many precautions our business takes. These include things like.

What you need to know about safety during pest control

There are dozens of procedures which are implemented to ensure safety during pest control. The most important of these is the correct use of pesticides. Our technicians are trained to the highest possible standard and know exactly how to safely use pesticides. They understand how to spray pesticide and exactly how much pesticide can be used before it becomes dangerous.

We also use industrial grade PPE (personal protective equipment) as a matter of course especially with pest control during COVID-19. While this may not concern you specifically, using PPE means our technicians are safe from harm. Another area of concern for our clients is the manner in which we dispose of pesticides. Many people are environmentally conscious and want to know what we do with used pesticide canisters. We can assure you that these are disposed of in a safe manner. There are many strict laws regarding this, and we follow these to the letter.


If you are especially concerned about the dangers of pesticides, there are things you can do. The easiest way around this issue is to simply request pest removal methods which do not use pesticides. These include things like heat treatments. In addition to this there are other environmentally friendly methods such as humane traps.

How else can you be reassured?

We also ensure safety during pest control by knowing how long you need to vacate your home and what what you expect from the treatment. You see, every pesticide has a half-life. Essentially, this is the amount of time it takes for the potency of that substance to decline by half. This is essentially the point where it becomes safe to be around. These figures are worked out by the companies who make pesticides. This means we know down to the exact minute when it is safe to come home.

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More procedures for safety during pest control include the use of tamper proof traps. These are essentially traps that are completely enclosed. This means that the poison can only be accessed by the pest technicians themselves (and the pest). You never have to worry about poisons being left around your home. Or that your children or pets will get at this poison.

Ultimately, our technicians make sure they explain and communicate everything clearly. You will never be left in the dark during either commercial or residential pest control. The bottom line is that with us, safety is something that you never have to worry about.



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