Can Vacuuming Daily Help Avoid Moths?

Taking care of your carpets and rugs is extremely important. The reason why is simple. The cost of repairing damage to carpets (or replacing them) is astronomical. Moths are one of the many things that can damage carpets. There is a reason we use the expression ‘moth eaten’! This is why you should do everything that you can to avoid moths. But does vacuuming daily actually help you do this?


How to avoid moths by vacuuming

The answer is yes. One of the best ways to avoid moths is vacuuming to be prepared early to stop pests. This should be done at least once a week, or every day if possible. There are several reasons why vacuuming helps to get rid of moths.

The biggest reason is because it gets rids of moth eggs and larvae as part of insect control. Carpet moths live near and around carpets. They lay eggs and these later hatch into larvae, which eventually develop into caterpillars. The caterpillars are the ones that eat capers or rugs, then later spin cocoons and turn into moths. You can prevent all this by sucking up the eggs and larvae. Basically, if you vacuum on a regular basis, it may be possible to completely avoid moths.


That being said, this isn’t always the truth. Moths may lay eggs in places other than on carpet. For example, these pests actually prefer areas that are dark and undisturbed. In many cases this rules out your carpet.

What other steps are needed to avoid moths?

The eggs could be on wallhangings, behind curtains, in sofas and armchairs, on clothing anything made of natural fibres or even leather. This means that vacuuming will have very little effect. But that’s why you need to implement other measures besides vacuuming.

To start with, vacuum as often as possible although cleaning alone won’t entirely eliminate pests. Along with this, keep an eagle eye on your carpet as well. If you see adult moths, or notice holes, then get yourself some moth traps. These traps work with pheromones.

clothes moth

These pheromones attract the male moths, who enter into the trap. When this happens, the male moth gets stuck in the trap and dies. With these moths dead, the female moths can no longer breed. Something else you could do is get moth balls. Remember, moth eggs are extremely small and may not be noticed.

Do all of this mind of pest control in your London home, and you should be able to avoid moths for good. If moths are getting out of hand, you might want to consider is getting a heat treatment. This is a method that kills all pests along with their eggs and larvae. It can also be used when buying new or second-hand rugs.


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