Be Prepared Early To Stop Autumn Pests

Pest awareness is extremely important as we head into autumn and winter. Yes, autumn pests can make your life a complete misery. There are several reasons why pests can be a problem during this time. First, food is becoming more and more scarce as it gets colder. Two, as winter approaches, pests start looking for shelter.

autumn pests

Both of these reasons mean that pests will want to come into your home. In order to stop that, here are some things you should do.

Prevent autumn pests in the kitchen

The key to dealing with autumn pests is food awareness. This means storing all food securely. Do not leave cupboards open and food sitting in packages and boxes. All food in packets and boxes that is not secure in a cupboard, should be decanted into plastic containers. Your cupboards should also be kept closed.

Something else you’ll want to do is clean out your cupboards. Food debris will gradually accumulate in cupboards. This happens because packets and boxes leak. You will also occasionally spill food, so make sure to clean your storage area thoroughly.

Also deep clean your kitchen using spring cleaning techniques. The biggest issue is where there are appliances. Food often spills or falls behind and under appliances. We’re talking about things like your fridge, stove and microwave. These should be cleaned beneath.

clean kitchen

At the same time, you should clean the appliances themselves. Pay special attention to your microwave and stove. These are more than likely covered with bits of food. Remember, autumn pests are mostly looking for food.

Prevent autumn pests in your whole house

This is why it’s so important that you deep clean your kitchen. Every single nook and cranny should be deep cleaned to avoid getting flies and other pests. Something else you’ll want to do is clean the cupboard beneath your sink. This is a favourite hiding place for pests like cockroaches. Pay special attention to moisture. These pests love to live near leaking pipes and taps. The cupboards beneath your sink should be completely dry and free of clutter and rubbish.


Speaking of clutter, make sure that all clutter is removed from the rest of your home. Pests, like mice, usually live in large piles of clutter. They also use things like newspapers to build their nests. This is why it’s a good idea to get rid of clutter before winter arrives.

The final step to getting rid of autumn pests is blocking up entrance points to benefit from a pest free home. Pests need a way to get into your home. If there are no holes or cracks for them to enter, then you simply won’t have an issue with pests. Inspect the outside of your home closely. Also inspect all the walls of your property. Whenever you find a hole or crack, close it up. Do this correctly and you shouldn’t have issues with pests.


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