The Best Way To Avoid Getting Flies

No one likes having flies in their home. These pests are not only deeply unpleasant, but they also spread diseases. What’s more, they also make your home seem dirty and unhygienic. But if you’re plagued by flies, then how do you solve this problem? To help you out, here are some ways to avoid getting flies.

avoid getting flies

What attracts flies into your home?

First of all, you need to know what flies are attracted by. This is generally food waste and rotting food. To prevent flies getting at this food, you need to manage your waste. More specifically, you need to manage your dustbins.

All dustbins should have lids. Even the bin in your kitchen should be enclosed. If you can, try to place your bin in a cupboard, as this will also help to prevent flies. Rubbish should be thrown out as often as possible, even if the bag isn’t full. This is really the reason why people get flies. They don’t empty their bin until the bin is overflying. Flies then lay eggs in this and the next thing you know your kitchen is swarming with these pests. It’s also a good idea to periodically wash your dustbins. Food waste sometimes accumulates at the bottom of bins and this draws flies.


Another thing you must do to avoid getting flies and keep up insect control, is keep your kitchen clean. Remember, flies are attracted to food waste. This means you must be especially vigilant when preparing food. Wipe your counters thoroughly after cooking. Make sure all chopping boards are scrubbed down. You need to be especially careful with dirty dishes. All dishes must be cleaned at the end of the day. Never leave dirty dishes in your sink overnight.

What to do if flies are a problem in your home

These tips will help you avoid getting flies that could spoil your summer. That being said, it may not be enough. If flies are still a problem, you may benefit from physical barriers. These include things like fly netting for windows, fly screens for doors or bead curtains across entrance ways. It may also help to keep your doors and windows closed whenever possible.

bead curtain

If none of this helps you avoid getting flies, then you may want to try other fly deterrents or hire a local exterminator. The most effective of these are glue strips. These are strips of paper which are covered in a special glue that attracts flies. You hang this paper from the ceiling or attach it to walls. The flies land on it, become stuck, and die. There are also other gizmos like special fly fans and electronic UV devices (both popular in commercial kitchens). These electronic devices attract flies with UV light. As they fly toward the light, they hit an electrified grid, which kills them.


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