The 3 Main Types Of Insect Control

Many of our clients want to know how insect pest control actually works. As in – what do we actually do when exterminating pests? To answer this question, we’ve written this short article. When performing insect pest control there are 3 main techniques. These include:

cockroach insect

1. Heat Treatments

This is a relatively new technique for destroying pests. With this method an intensely warm vapour is used to exterminate insects. The idea of heat treatment is basically that organic matter cannot withstand extreme temperatures. Whenever insects come into contact with this vapour they immediately die.

This technique for insect pest control has many advantages. The biggest of these is that no poisons or pesticides are used. If you’re concerned about the use of pesticides in your home, then this will come as —

heat treatment kills insects

For example, you do not have to vacate the home for long periods of time, or perform clean up afterwards. Heat treatments are also safe forms of pest control.

Another big advantage is that 100% of all insects as well as their eggs and larvae are killed. Many pest control methods are hit and miss. Quite often eggs are not destroyed and this means that the insects soon return. This is not the case with heat treatments, that kill everything.

2. Fumigation

Fumigation is the most well-known and traditional of all insect control methods. It essentially involves sealing up an area and pumping poison gas into that area. This method is highly effective when it comes to exterminating insects, although it does have its disadvantages.


The biggest of these is that it does not always kill all of the insects. Pests are often able to avoid the gas and may survive. Many pests have also built up an immunity to fumigation. Because this technique has been used for a long time, some pests have built up an immunity to the gas.

Some people are also wary of fumigation because of the poisons involved. Not everyone wants their home or business coated with poisonous chemicals. You have to consider the fact that you’ll need to vacate the premises for a period of time.

3. Spraying Pesticides

This is also a well-known method of insect pest control. Pesticides are sprayed wherever pests congregate or move about. This is usually around the perimeter of the building. Pesticides are also sprayed along skirting boards and at the base of walls.

While this method is effective for killing insects, you’ll have to use it in conjunction with the above methods and isn’t really useful as emergency pest control. This is usually because pesticides do not affect the areas where the pests actually live and breed.


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