Are Electronic Rat Mats Effective?

There are dozens of pest control gadgets on the market today. Most of these are less than useless, but some are worth the money. In this category you have something known as rat mats. These devices were created to protect cars against damage from rats and have proven to be highly effective.

rat mat

What are rat mats and should you purchase them?

You can basically think of rat mats as a type of electric fence which guards against rats. Instead of a fence, the electrical current runs through a mat. The idea is that when the rodent approaches the mat, it receives a nasty shock and runs away.

It does not take very much electrical current to deter rats, and these mats give only a small electric shock. This means they are harmless to other animals. It also means you can safely walk across them without feeling anything. The mats also come in different sizes and are also designed in a way which allows them to link together. This way you can build a larger mat to protect whatever size area you have.

As we’ve said rat mats are mostly used to protect cars, farm machinery, tractors, combine harvesters etc. These types of vehicles are highly susceptible to damage from rats. Rodents can chew through electrical cables and also defecate or urinate inside the vehicle.

Rats may also eat or damage upholstery. If there is stock inside, they can steal or damage it. All of this damage can add up and may cost thousands of pounds to repair. This can become a huge problem if your business depends on these vehicles.

How are rat mats used?

The way that most people use these mats, is that they place them around the perimeter of the vehicle. This forms a protective barrier that the rats cannot cross. You may also want to place your car on top of a larger mat. Rat mats can also be used to protect warehouses or storage facilities. In this case they are placed at the entrance to an area or along doorways for commercial pest control use.

These mats have many advantages. The biggest is that they are a chemical free method of pest control. They are also effective at stopping mice as well. Another big advantage is that they are cost effective. Once you’ve bought the mats, you will not have to spend additional money on pest control. This is an enormous benefit to businesses who are having problems with rats. A final benefit is that this is a humane method for deterring rats, that does not involve killing them. The bottom line is that these mats work. If you’re having problems with rodents, they are definitely worth investing in.



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