Best Pest Gadgets For 2022

Pest control is a billion pound industry. A big part of this industry are pest gadgets. There are hundreds of these devices aimed at the consumer market. But are any of these gadgets any good? Can they actually get rid of pests and solve your problems for good? The answer is yes and no. While many of these products do work, many of them are complete rubbish. In this article we’ll briefly go over the things we think about worth buying.

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Top pest gadgets for 2022 

1. Electronic bug zappers

Electronic bug zappers are a mainstay when it comes to pest gadgets. These devices work by using UV light in combination with electricity. The light attracts flying pests and once they make contact with the gadgets they are killed. In terms of effectiveness theses gadgets are worth the money.

2. Ultrasonic devices

These machines use ultrasonic noise to repel pests. According to the people who sell them, these frequencies cause pain and thereby repel insects. In our experience this is mostly nonsense. These devices are essentially gimmicks and are extremely ineffective. One problem is they only ever cover a certain area, which pests can avoid.

3. Mosquito lamps

This device is essentially the same as an electronic bug zapper. They use a bright light to attract mosquitoes who are nighttime pests. Once the mosquito enters this lamp it cannot escape and eventually dies. According to people who have used them, these devices are reasonably effective.

mosquito lamp

4. Cold fogger

This is basically a device which automatically sprays insecticides out into the air. This helps to kill any insects which are in the nearby vicinity. While this method does work, these products are extremely inefficient. The issue is that the pesticide is sprayed randomly into the air and not concentrated into a specific area.

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5. Smart phone pest traps

Smart technology is now widely used in advanced pest traps. These traps can monitor the surrounding area. They look for various signs that pests are nearby and then report back to you. While this technology does work, it’s mostly only available to the top pest control companies. The stuff which is commercially available is often a cheap knock off and completely useless.

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6. Pipe pest scanner

These pest gadgets are placed inside of pipes. They use motion detection technology to look for pests which are moving through these pipes. Some of these gadgets are also able to detect certain diseases such as cholera and typhoid. While these devices are available to the public, they are extremely expensive.

7. Smart mouse traps

This is simply an advanced version of the traditional mouse trap. Instead of poison these pest gadgets use electricity to kill the mouse which is safer pest control. These traps also have sensor’s that alert you to the presence of mice within the trap.


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