Pests That Attack You At Night

Out of all varieties of vermin, pests that attack at night are probably the worst. These insects can make your life a living hell. Not only do they keep you up at night, but they can also spread serious illnesses through their bites. So, what do you need to know about pests that attack and what can you do about this issue?

mosquito bite

Who bites at night? 

There’s nothing worse than getting in bed at night and having your sleep disturbed by pests. There are several reasons why this happens. For example, the biggest culprit when it comes to night-time attacks, are mosquitoes. Anyone who has dealt with the high-pitched drone caused by these pests will know how irritating they can be.

The reason why these pests only come out at night is twofold. First of all, they are attracted by the heat your body produces when sleeping. The second reason is that, while sleeping, your body produces chemicals that mosquitoes enjoy eating. These insects are also extremely fragile. Day time temperatures and sunlight can damage their bodies, and also dehydrate them.

Other flying pests that attack at night include midges. These small flies are known for causing great irritation and itching when they bite humans.

midge bite

But of all the night-time pests, bed bugs are by far the worst. These disgusting bugs are known for causing extreme distress in humans. Once these bugs infest your bed they can be incredibly difficult to get rid of. Within only a few nights, your entire body will be completely covered in painful, itchy bites. Over time these steadily accumulate and can drive you completely insane.

What to do about pests that attack you at night

If you do have bed bugs, then what can you do about this problem? To start with, make sure you thoroughly clean your entire bed. This includes duvets, pillow-cases, and sheets.  Launder these at a high temperature to kill bed bugs and their eggs. You should also leave your mattress outside in the sun for a while. While these DIY tips do often help, with bed bugs, you may be in need of something stronger.

clean bedding

In this case you may want to call in a pest control company. Pest technicians can implement bed bug solutions such as fumigation and heat treatments to treat furniture. Of these, heat treatments are generally preferred. With this method you can kill all bed bugs as well as their larvae. No chemicals are used, and the method is very safe.

Use screens and mosquito nets on windows to stop flying insects coming indoors and biting while you sleep.

The bottom line is that pests that attack at night do not have to be tolerated. Getting rid of these bugs is easier than you think. Simply contact our company and we’ll solve this problem with minimal fuss.


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