Are There Smells That Mice Don’t Like?

Are there smells that mice don’t like? Believe it or not there are. Even better, simply by placing these scents around your house, it’s actually possible to drive away mice. In this article you’ll learn how to do this, as well as what scents are most effective.

peppermint oil

Smells that mice don’t like

One of the reasons why this technique works so effectively is because mice have an extremely keen sense of smell. This means they are highly sensitive to powerful odours. One of the most powerful is peppermint, more specifically peppermint essential oil. A good alternative to this is mint tea, or event mint toothpaste. What’s nice about using tea bags, is that it gives you a chance to reuse the b

Other smells that mice don’t like include vinegar. You may also want to experiment with cinnamon or cloves. In this case you can also use clove oil. Something else that mice also hate is cayenne pepper. Hopefully, you don’t mind these smells yourself!  You might want to choose a smell that does not bother your family members.


But how do you use these smells that mice don’t like? There are a number of ways. First of all, you’ll want to place them around areas where mice move about or where they might go. This can include places where food is stored or prepared and other storage areas. It can also include along baseboards, or holes that mice emerge from.

If you’re using peppermint oil you can place a few drops on cotton wool. These can then be placed around your home. Other things like vinegar and clove oil can be pit on cotton wool also. If you’re using cinnamon and cayenne pepper, then these can be sprinkled near cupboards and counters.

Will smells be enough to keep out mice?

Unfortunately, in most cases, it will take a lot more than smells that mice don’t like to do effective mouse proofing. You’ll also have to take other preventative measures. The most important is to stop attracting mice with food. This mainly means keeping your kitchen clean. It’s important that you clean up at the end of every night. Dishes should be washed and counters wiped down. You should also sweep and mop the floor every night.  In addition, clean your floors at least once a week.

clean kitchen

Take steps to store food correctly. Do not leave food out on counters to reap the benefits of a pest free home. Also, do not leave food in things like cardboard boxes and plastic packets. These should be emptied out and placed in plastic or glass containers. They should then be put into cupboards which seal tightly. Also make sure to keep the rest of your house clean and free of clutter. Last of all, if not of this works, then you might want to consider calling pest control.


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