Do Mouse Problems Go Away In Summer?

Most pests are seasonal. They have increased periods of activity and other times they are dormant. This includes mice. You may have noticed that mouse problems seem to decrease during summer. But is this really true? Do mice actually go away during summer, or is something else happening?

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Why mouse problems seem to decrease in summer

What you have to understand is that mouse problems do not go away in the warmer weather. It may seem like they do, but this absolutely isn’t true. What actually happens is this. You see, in winter mice spend a lot of time indoors. This is because it’s cosy and warm, providing them with shelter. Mice decrease their outdoor activity and their presence rises in your home. This happens mostly because finding food is harder. However, as your home may be a good source food, they will build bests in the house to take full advantage of the available sustenance.

Once it’s summer, their activity often dramatically changes. It’s warmer now and there is plenty of food to be found in the outside world. Due to this, mice leave the house and start foraging outdoors. They target things like grains, fruits, seeds and worms.

Why you still need to worry about mouse problems

So, it’s not that the mice have left your home, your mouse proofing has been successful or because there are fewer mice. It’s simply because the mice have gone outside to look for food. This can actually be a problem when homeowners and businesses start let their guard down.


What you have to realise is that mice are territorial, and return to the same areas which means they enter your home. Once the weather turns colder, the mice are going to migrate back inside and start breeding again. Instead of your mouse problem having solved itself, you could have a major new infestation on your hands, which means you are far more likely to see them.

The point here is that you need to take precautions and get in touch with local pest exterminators if you need help. Remember, mice spread disease and can cause immense property damage. They also steal food and contaminate it. This is why it’s a good idea to get ahead of the game. For example, lay down mice traps early. Also, use the warmer months to seal up any entrance points into your home. This deters mice from getting back in in the first place. If you don’t have a cat, then you may want to get one. Cats are still the best deterrent against mice. You may also want to hire a professional mouse control company. We can solve any and all mouse problems. This includes identifying the source of the problems, setting traps, and also removing dead mice.


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