How We Apply Restaurant Pest Control

Pests are an ongoing problem in restaurants. In fact, the bulk of our work is in restaurant pest control. At this point we have it down to a fine art. We have a deep understanding of what each situation needs, and how to prevent pests in restaurants. If you’re wondering, here’s how we carry out restaurant pest control.  

restaurant pest control

Restaurant pest control: what we do to stop pests  

First of all, one of the biggest problems in restaurants are flies. This is usually the main problem restaurants must deal with. Luckily, getting rid of these pests is simple. The way we do this is with electronic bug zappers. These zappers have a UV light which attracts flies. Surrounding this light an electric steel grid. Basically, flies approach the zapper and are then electrocuted to death.

Something else we implement when performing restaurant pest control are traps. This is done to prevent rodents, which are your next biggest problem. Today’s rodent traps are high tech and also highly successful when an expert rat catcher uses them effectively. These traps are now totally tamper proof, meaning no poison is left outside the trap.

UV light

This is done for safety purposes. Basically, these traps look like a black plastic box, with a hole on the side. Rodents enter this hole and eat the poison. A while later they die and the problem is taken care of.  

More ways we keep your restaurant pest free

Another important facet of restaurant pest control is monitoring to prevent pest damage. Our technicians will perform weekly, or monthly inspections. When doing this we go over your restaurant with a fine tooth comb. We inspect all areas where pests may be hiding, and make sure that these areas are pest free. What we also look for a the signs of pests. These could be things like droppings, egg casings or skin. These signs alert us to the presence of pests and from that point we can take action.  


An additional measure we can enact is pest proofing. The theory behind this technique is simple: pests cannot become a problem if they cannot enter in the first place. What we do is make a thorough pest inspection of the building. We look for all places where pests can enter. This can include holes, gaps, cracks, or the space around pipes. Once these are found we assist you to seal them up.

If a pest professional uses all of these measures together, your restaurant should remain pest free. Just remember that the key to pest control in restaurants is ongoing maintenance. To truly keep your business free of pests you’ll need to sign a pest control contract. This way you receive routine service, and your restaurant remains free of pests.


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