Is Squirrel Damage A Serious Problem?

Is squirrel damage something you have to worry about? You see, many people do not think of squirrels as pests. They have no problem with squirrels in their garden and enjoy the sight of these fluffy animals. But what you have to understand is that squirrels can become an issue. This is true when squirrels begin to enter your home.

squirrel rodent

What sort of problems can squirrels cause?

The reason why squirrel damage and squirrel control should be taken seriously is because squirrels are technically classed as rodents. This means that, like rats, their front teeth never stop growing. In fact, if the squirrel’s teeth get too long, they can actually curve back into their head. In order to prevent this, squirrels must continuously gnaw on something.

Usually, this something is the materials you roof, attic, or loft is constructed from. Squirrel damage can often become quite serious in these areas. For example, squirrels will chew through the wooden beams of your roof, creating structural damage. They may also attack the brickwork around your chimneys. Another catastrophic form of squirrel damage is when these rodents chew through electrical cables. If this happens it can lead to the interruption of electricity and electrical components in your home. In some cases, it may even lead to electrical fires.

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There are also other problems associated with squirrels. The biggest of these is the building of nests. Squirrels construct large nests and these will eventually need to be cleaned up. They also scatter nest building debris all around the loft or attic. Then you have things like faeces and urine. This is another mess which will also eventually have to be cleaned up.

One unexpected problems created by squirrels is noise. These animals are unbelievably loud. They shriek and run around your roof at night, making a tremendous racket. This can keep you up all night and become incredibly irritating. They also like to scratch on things which is another source of noise.

What can you do to prevent problems?

If you are dealing with squirrels, then what can you do about it. The easiest solution is to seal up your roof before squirrels get inside as good rodent prevention. Close up all gaps, holes, and entrance points. Also make sure to trim back trees from your roof. Squirrels use these overhanging branches to get onto the roof, and these should be kept short. You may also want to set traps in your attic.

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While these approaches may help, it’s always best to get professional help. Our team deals with problem squirrels and can quickly and easily solve your problem. For expert advice regarding squirrels and pest control safety, feel free to get in touch today.


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