Keep Children Safe During Pest Control

Safety is paramount when it comes to pest control. This is especially true when it comes to children. The very last thing you want is one of your children being harmed by pest control. With this in mind, how do you keep children safe during pest control? When exterminating pests, large amounts of poisons and pesticides may be used. These are dangerous for adults, but even more so for small children. This is simply because they are smaller.

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How to keep children safe when pest controllers are in

A professional pest controller who is a BPCA member will advise you on what to do, but here are some things to think of ahead of time. So how do you keep children safe during pest control? First of all, it’s a good idea to remove them from the property. Depending on the treatment, you may want to stay somewhere else for several days. This is probably the easiest way to protect your children and we can let you know what you will need to do during a pest inspection.

Second, if you can’t do that, then sit your children down and explain what’s happening in the house. They need to understand that poisons and chemicals are dangerous. They need to know that this is serious stuff, and that they should stay away. It’s especially important that you warn them about poison pellets, and the dangers of eating them. Small children, even the youngest of children, should be able to understand this. That being said, it’s still important that you keep a close watch on your children.

Other ways to protect children from harm

What you’ll also want to do is prepare and clean up thoroughly. In this case, the best policy is to remove all of your children’s toys and items from the area. If you’re unable to do this, make sure to thoroughly clean them afterwards. Wash everything that you child may put in its mouth. This should include all toys, as well as clothing.

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Another way to keep children safe during pest control is through the methods your use. For example, ask if your local exterminator is using enclosed traps. With these traps, the poison is sealed inside of the trap. This means that children cannot accidentally eat poison pellets.

In addition to this, there are dozens of eco-friendly pest control methods. These are better for the environment and are also perfect if you want to keep children safe during pest control. One of the best examples of this are heat treatments. This is an advanced pest control method which does not use pesticides, poisons or chemicals. This greatly lowers the risk of children being harmed by these things. Ultimately, pest control does not have to be dangerous for children. Simply follow these guidelines given by the professionals.


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