What Is Digital Pest Control?

Can digital pest control actually work to end your issues with pests? Right now, you’re probably wondering what this type of pest control actually involves. If that’s the case, then this article should answer your questions. Pest control technology has evolved by leaps and bounds over the decades.


We’ve gone from using simple pesticides, to highly effective poisons and rodenticides that can completely destroy all pests. Along with this, many new devices for pest control have been invented. This includes things like heat treatment machines and enclosed traps.

Smart boxes – what do they do?

Not only that, in addition technology has now advanced to the point where we have something known as digital pest control. To put it simply, these are devices which now use advanced technology to monitor and exterminate pests.

The common form of digital pest control is something known as “smart boxes.” These are basically pest gadget monitoring stations / traps which contain powerful sensors, and are also able to connect to the internet. This gives pest controllers the ability to gather to the information, which is related back to headquarters. At this point, the data is analysed using powerful algorithms. These can determine whether activity is likely to increase or decreased, or whether an infestation is about to occur.


What’s also great about these boxes is that they are environmentally friendly and use by local exterminators. The way smart boxes work is simple. First of all, these boxes are primarily meant for rodents. The box contains an attractant which lures mice and rats. When the rodents enters the box, sensors are activated.

These sensors are able to detect body, and when this happens an electric current is also activated. This kills the rodent instantly. The great thing here is that no rodenticides, or pesticides, or anything like that they used. What’s more, some of these boxes are even equipped with solar panels, making them even more environmentally friendly.

Can drones really be used for pest control?

Drones are now also being used as a form of pest control. These devices have many applications. These make excellent bird deterrents and are also used to inspect hard to reach places (such as warehouse roofs). Another place where drones are being extensively used is in farming. This is really amazing. Drones are used in conjunction with AI. Sensors detect when pests are present in a field. When this happens, drones are dispatched to spray pesticide, and / or monitor the area if the pest is resistant to pesticides.


One more thing before we end this off. Those ultra-sonic plug-in pest control devices are not an example of digital pest control. Those devices are basically scams. Ultra-sonic rays do not kill pests, or drive them away (except possible from a very limited area). If you buy one of those devices you are basically wasting your money, so avoid them.


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