What Is The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Mice?

It’s possible to get rid of mice extremely fast. That being said, it depends on how much effort you’re willing to put in. If you’re serious, then follow this plan for eliminating mice as soon as possible.

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How to get rid of mice by eliminating food sources

To be honest, the fastest way to get rid of mice is by calling in an exterminator. They will identify the problem, provide you with a plan and take the necessary action. Many people would prefer to try our own methods first and these can sometimes work. Also, if pest control deals with the issue, you will still need to take steps to stop them from coming back.

So, the next best thing is following these steps. First, cut off their food supply entirely. When there’s no food, the mice will leave for greener pastures. Your kitchen area should be cleaned from top to bottom. Get rid of any food scraps, like crumbs, and bits of food that have fallen behind appliances. Also, clean your cupboards and the tops of your cupboards, along with your walls. You will need to maintain the cleanliness in your kitchen and make sure there are no temptations for them at night.

Next, remove all food from boxes, and all food that is lying loose. Place everything into hard plastic containers that seal tightly. Then, close your cupboards firmly. There is a reason why food is kept in cupboards! Take care with things like fruit bowls. Don’t leave out food! Food damage can be signs you have a mouse infestation.

food damage

It’s not just the kitchen that can be a source of food. Do you or your family eat in other rooms…the sitting room? The bedroom? You need to be thorough, keeping any of these areas clean and food free to keep a pest free home. Don’t leave packets of biscuits or crisps out. Plastic packaging is no barrier for mice, who will rip through it easily.

Eliminating mice form your home – more tips

After that, find the source of the infestation. Find where the mice are living if you can. Do not touch anything directly, because there may be diseases in their mess and faeces. The place where the mice are living is probably the optimum location in your home, including nesting inside furniture. This means that if you have disrupted it, there’s a good chance that the mice will leave, instead of finding somewhere else to live. Now, this isn’t always the case, but you might get lucky.

Buy traps. There are different kinds on the market – for example live traps that do not harm the mice. Be aware that it is not safe to use certain types of traps around small children and pets. Safety must always come first. Bait traps with peanut butter. Leave them at entrance points where you think the mice are getting in. Also leave them along walls. Look for dark smear marks on your walls and skirting boards. These marks appear at places where the mice are moving about.


Do not simply leave these traps and forget about them. Check the traps every day. If you’re catching mice, then this is a good sign. When this happens, re-bait the trap. Continue doing this until you’re not catching mice anymore. If you catch live mice, make sure you take them a good distance form your home – don’t just put them out in the garden.

One final thing you can do to get rid of mice quickly is check the perimeter of your home. Look for where they’re getting in. This includes gaps, cracks, holes and so on. If you find these places, seal them up. Do all of this at once, and there’s a good chance you’ll eliminate mice from your home forever.


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