What’s Scratching In The Roof?

Are you hearing scratching in the roof along with mysterious noises at night? Quite often this is caused by pests such as rats, mice or even squirrels. In this article you’re going to learn more about this as well as what you can do about this problem.

scratching in the roof

If you’re hearing scratching in the roof, there’s a good chance you have rodent problems. These issue are often caused by pests such as rats, mice, and squirrels. This noise can take many forms. You may hear animals running across your ceiling. You may also hear screeching noises, along with yelps and squeaks. Rodents tend to come indoors when it’s cold.

This scratching in the roof is caused by rodents moving around. They may also be fighting, playing, or breeding. The reason why rodents often end up in your roof is because it’s the perfect place for them to live. Your roof provides them with a warm dry living space which is free from humans. They can build their nests and live in peace.

Mice and rats usually get into the roof by climbing up drain pipes. They may also access the roof through gaps and cracks. Otherwise they enter through the chimney, or migrate from another part of the house. Squirrels will often drop down from branches which overhang the roof.

rat breeding

What problems can these animals cause?

Once inside they begin to build their nests and breed. These rodents will multiply and can cause enormous damage. The biggest source of this damage is from gnawing. All rodents gnaw on things, especially rats who must continually gnaw in order to keep their teeth filled down. Over time they damage roof timbers, brick, concrete, and even metal. Rodents may even chew on electrical cables which can interrupt the power supply and cause electrical fires. Squirrel damage can be a serious problem.

Another problem is the mess left behind by their nests. Along with this you have their urine and faeces. Rodents continually defecate and urinate. Over time this accumulates and causes further damage. They may also enter your kitchen and steal food which can be a major headache.

steal food

But if you’re hearing scratching in the roof, what can you do about it? First of all you should wait and see if the problem goes away. The rodents may only be passing through or may leave of their own accord. If the problem persists, then go into your roof and do an inspection. Look for things like nests and rodent pellets. You may also see the rodents themselves. If you do spot any of these things, then call in a pest control company immediately. They can help you draw up a plan for removing the rodents. This is usually done with things like bait traps. They can also help you seal up the roof so that rodents can no longer enter as a great form of rodent prevention.



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