10 Unbelievable Facts About Fleas

Fleas might be thought of as disgusting troublesome vermin that cause enormous amounts of distress. That being said, these pests are actually quite interesting. Here are 10 facts about fleas which may surprise you.

flea facts

1. Flea larvae do not need to eat after hatching

Unlike most creatures, flea larvae do not need to ear after hatching. Adult fleas leave food for them to get them started. So the larvae can develop and then go on to the cocoon stage without needing a host. This is part of the reason why fleas can survive so easily and why you need a whole house flea treatment.

2. Fleas have incredible energy

After even a small amount of athletic activity, most humans need to rest. This isn’t the case with fleas. These pests can jump around for long periods of time without getting tired. Actually, believe it or not, fleas can jump 30,000 times in a row.

3. Fleas can lift extremely heavy objects

One of the littlest known facts about fleas is that they can lift incredible weights. Like ants, these pests can lift objects many times their body weight. According to researchers, this can be as much as 150 times their weight.

heavy objects

4. Fleas can jump!

Everyone knows that fleas are nature’s greatest jumpers. They can jump almost up to half a metre high. But how great is that really? Well, if humans could jump like fleas, we could easily clear the Eiffel Tower! Now that’s an interesting thought.

5. They eat a lot

Want more facts about fleas? Ok here’s another one. Did you know that fleas eat about 10 times their body weight in blood? That’s in a single sitting and multiple times per day. These vampire-like pests are truly voracious eaters.

6. They lay enormous amounts of eggs

Fleas breed like crazy. The female flea lays up to 2,000 eggs in her lifetime. Each day she lays dozens of eggs – and she keeps going day after day.

eggs wording

7. There are thousands of species

Household fleas are not the only species of flea. According to entomologists there are about 2,600 species of this pests and your local pest controller will know about yours. Not only that, these scientists also claim there may be many more unidentified species.

8. Fleas can spread rapidly

Fleas are able to quickly infest any new environment they encounter. This happens because eggs are laid on animals and then fall off, spreading the infestation.

9. Fleas spread diseases

Most people think that fleas are harmless (except for the biting.) This isn’t actually true. These pests can spread many types of bacteria and also parasites which is why insect control is important.


10. Fleas cannot hear or see

Here’s one more point on our list of facts about fleas. Did you know that fleas are practically deaf? Yes, these pests cannot hear and are practically blind as well. Instead, they rely on other highly developed senses such as touch and smell.


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