Why Get Whole House Flea Treatment?

Most people go about flea treatment entirely the wrong way. Let’s say you have fleas in your lounge or bedroom. In this case people will only treat their lounge or bedroom. But there’s a reason why this is a huge mistake. Here’s why you should always get whole house flea treatment.

pet in bedroom

Where are the fleas in your house?

What do we know about fleas? They jump! Yes, the most commonly known fact about these pests is that they possess incredible leaping abilities. What this means is that these pests can quickly spread around the house. They jump off hosts like pets and can literally end up anywhere.

What this means is that even if you’re experiencing fleas in your bedroom right now and they may be attacking you at night, these pests will quickly migrate. They basically gravitate anywhere they can find living and breeding space. These pests like to live in places that are similar to your pet’s fur. This includes rooms which have carpets (especially deep pile carpets) sofas, curtains, and bedding.

pet on sofa

Another reason why fleas move around is because you’re attempting flea treatment. For example, many people think that simply vacuuming their carpets will get rid of the fleas. Unfortunately, in most cases the fleas simply jump to another room. This is why you have to do the whole house at once when undertaking flea treatment. This way the fleas cannot escape by jumping elsewhere.

How do you carry out a whole house treatment for fleas?

The most effective way to do this is with something known as heat treatments. This is a method where a dry vapour is used to kill pests and is a main type of insect control. The house is completely sealed up and the vapour is poured inside. The theory behind this method of pest control is simple. No living creature, especially small and fragile insects like fleas, can withstand extreme temperatures. What this essentially means is that as soon as fleas come into contact with this vapour, they die instantaneously.


What’s also great about this method is that it kills both the fleas, and also their larvae and eggs. This means that 100% of the fleas are destroyed. Not only that, they can’t reproduce and come back again. Heat treatments should be done by professional pest controllers, who have the correct equipment and know-how. It’s a great form of safe pest control.

Another reason why more and more people are choosing heat treatments is because this method works quickly. It also uses no pesticides whatsoever. This means you only have to be out of the house for a few hours. You can also come back immediately once the treatment is completed. The bottom line is that this is the only method of flea treatment that really works. Unless you do the entire house at once, the fleas will jump away and continue to be a problem.



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