5 Most Annoying Bathroom Pests

Pests are drawn to places with food and shelter. This means they are generally attracted to areas like your kitchen, or anywhere that is dark, dirty and cluttered. Another thing that pests need is water. This is why they are often found in bathrooms. Pests also like bathroom because this room is used less frequently than other rooms.

bathroom pests

This also means it may be dark for long periods of time, which is another thing that pests like. Some of the most annoying bathroom pests include silverfish, drain flies, cockroaches, spiders and centipedes.  Here are some things you should know about bathroom pests:

1. Silverfish

Silverfish are crawling, silver, fish shaped insects. One reason why these pests are often found in bathrooms is because they feed on the starch found in paper. This means these pantry pests can be attracted to and feed on your loo paper. These pests usually enter through windows, cracks or holes in water pipes. They can also enter from another part of the house. Sometimes this may be accidental. For example, silverfish could lay their eggs on a box of tissues. These are then taken into the bathroom and the eggs hatch.


2. Cockroaches

Our sewers are teeming with millions of cockroaches. These often crawl up drainpipes and then end up in your bathroom. These pests also thrive in humid environments, which is why they love your bathroom. Something else that attracts them, are dark and unused bathroom cupboards.

3. Drain flies

Drain flies are attracted by organic material which builds up inside of sinks and pipes. They are also attracted by the water, especially stagnant water, inside of pipes. Another thing that attracts these bathroom pests and stopping your home being pest free is your toilet. This is because these flies love to feed on and breed in sewage. You can get rid of drain flies by pouring a solution of bleach and boiling water down your sink. Also make sure to keep your toilet clean.

drain flies

4. Spiders

While spiders are not generally considered pests and don’t need insect control, they can still be annoying. These bathroom pests usually enter through ventilation holes, or from other areas of the house. They do this when it is dry outside and they are looking for moisture. Like cockroaches, spiders are also attracted to humid areas. Another reason why spiders like bathrooms is because they feed on others insects that are there.

5. Centipedes

There are two reasons why centipedes end up in bathrooms. The first is because these bathroom pests struggle to live in cold climates and enjoy the warmth of your bathroom. Another is because their bodies cannot retain water, so they need it often. This is why you often find them on the floor of your shower.


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