Can Using Traps Completely Eliminate Rats?

How do you completely eliminate rats? The most common tool for doing this is traps. If set properly, these can go a long towards solving your problem. That being said, this doesn’t always work. Let’s explore why traps are not always a complete solution.

rat in a cage

How to eliminate rats with traps

As we said, traps will get about 90% of the job done. To eliminate rats completely, there are other things you must do. First of all, you have to discover why rats are coming onto the property.

In all likelihood there is something attracting them. In most cases, this is a food source. It could be something like overflowing dustbins, or food which is not stored correctly. It may also be because your kitchen is dirty.

Something else that attracts rodents is shelter. There could be a place on the property which provides excellent shelter. This may be a shed or disused room. Rats are also attracted to places like crawl spaces, or walls with hollows inside of them. An overgrown garden that is filled with rubbish will also attract these pests. Also watch out for sources of water. Try to get rid of leaks, damp and standing water as part of your spring pest proofing.

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How are rats getting into the property?

But probably the biggest issue we’ve seen are entrance points. Don’t forget, rats need a way to get into your property. If they cannot find an entrance, these pests will move onto the next house. So close up any way that rats can use to get in. It’s also a good idea to cover drains and gutters with chicken wire or special flaps. This prevents rats from crawling up them and is DIY pest control advice you can trust.

Taking care of these things will help you eliminate rats and make sure you are acting fast. Each of them should be done before you set traps. If you neglect them, then traps are a waste of time. Yes, you’ll catch some rats, but more will come.

chicken wire

Finally, make sure to set your traps correctly. Traps should be baited with peanut butter. This is the most effective bait. It’s also cheap. If you want to try something more exotic, then marshmallows will also work.

Next, leave traps along walls, not in the centre of your room. Rats move along walls, so this will help. Also look for dark marks on your walls. Do this before placing the trap. These marks are left by rats and indicate a high traffic zone. Leaving traps by these marks will greatly increase your chances of catching something. Another place you can set traps are in corners. Ultimately, if you follow the tips in this article, you should be able to eliminate rats. If not, call in professional pest control.


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