Should You Trust DIY Pest Control Advice?

Is do-it-yourself pest control really worth your time? In most cases, people dealing with pests will first turn to the internet. There are thousands of websites which provide DIY pest control advice. But here’s the question: is any of this really worth your time? Also, should you trust this advice, or go for a more professional solution?

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What sort of DIY pest control advice is on the internet?

Much of the DIY pest control advice that you see online comes in the form of “household hints.” People tell you that various spices drive away pests, or leaving essential oils around your home is the answer by using smells pests don’t like. To get rid of cockroaches you should place mint on your window. Scattering cayenne pepper on your counter tops will keep away ants and so on.

This type of advice may or may not work. The problem is also that it’s largely ineffective, especially if you have a large infestation. You see, while various solutions can work for a short time, pests eventually get used to them.

For example, you can cover your kitchen with cayenne pepper and the ants will eventually return. Also realise that many of the “tips” you see online are outright lies. People can write anything on the internet and a lot of stuff is made up for clicks instead of trying to help you keep a pest free home.

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Should you spend time on DIY pest control?

Basically, what you have to understand is that pests are extremely tough. This is why pest controllers use strong pesticides and poisons. Only by using these, can you actually kill the pests and make sure they never return. This is why most of the stuff you see online is completely useless.

It’s probably best to avoid wasting your money. If you’re going to spend money, then use it on actual poison instead of lavender oil. What we can also tell you is that prevention is always better than cure.

In fact, the best DIY pest control advice is to simply keep your home clean and vacuuming daily. The cleaner your home, the less chance you have of getting pests. This is especially true when it comes to your kitchen. The main reason why people get pests in the first place is because their kitchens are harbouring accessible food for pests. Also make an effort to clean up clutter and vacuum your floors every now and again. Another big tip is removing sources of water and damp. Cockroaches are attracted to things like water, so fix leaking tips as quickly as possible.

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What you also need to do is prevent pests from getting into your home. Make sure that you don’t have any obvious entrance points like cracks and holes. Ultimately, if you follow these tips you reduce your chances of getting pests and won’t need DIY pest control advice.


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