Cockroach Infestations Can Close Your Business

Cockroach infestations are not to be taken lightly. You see, having done this for a while, we’ve learnt that there are two types of restaurant owners. Those who understand that cockroach infestations are devastating, and therefore take appropriate preventative measures. And those who will learn this truth through bitter and painful experience.

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The point we’re trying to make is that cockroaches are not something you can mess about with. The reason why is simple: these pests can legitimately close your business. Trust us, we’ve seen this happen more than once. Cockroaches may put you at risk of the following.

Why cockroach infestations can destroy your business 

What you first have to understand is that cockroaches are riddled with bacteria. Most people underestimate how truly filthy these pests can be. They are covered with filth. This means that whenever they touch food this filth and bacteria is transferred. The more of these pests you have, the greater the chances are that this will happen. In fact, it’s inevitable if you have frequent cockroach infestations and don’t get proper insect control.

When this happens, people eating this food get food poisoning. It’s that, or they get a salmonella infection. People will very quickly put two and two together and realise that it’s your food that made them ill.

This will reflect extremely badly on your restaurant. Remember, people love to talk. They also love to leave negative reviews online. If someone asks them to recommend a restaurant, they won’t say, “oh this place is great.” Instead, they’ll go, “that’s where I got food poisoning!”

Understand that word of mouth marketing is the most powerful form of marketing. People are most likely to frequent a restaurant recommended by their friends. The exact opposite is also true. Also realise that online reviews stick around forever. A bad review can cause damage years after the fact.

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Health and Safety inspections could be next

The bottom line is that your reputation will be in tatters without commercial pest control. This alone could send a business plunging and lead to the closure of your restaurant. Not only that, if staff eat the food, they may also become ill. This will lead to complaints and staff may quit. This is especially true since they live on tips. With your restaurant empty, staff will abandon the sinking ship.

All of this will snowball until it finally happens. The health and safety people hear rumours or complaints of what is happening in your restaurant. At this point they will more than likely do an inspection. If this happens it could be the final nail in your coffin. Depending on the severity of the situation, you may have to pay a fine. Your restaurant could also be permanently shut, or at least closed for a long time. The best way to solve all this is by taking cockroach infestations seriously. If you have a problem with these pests, do not ignore the problem.


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