Heat Treatment Kills Bed Bug Eggs Too

If you’re experiencing a bed bugs problem, you’ll know how frustrating it is. But there’s a simple reason for this. You see, most people focus on the pests themselves. They think it’s as simple as getting rid of the adult bed bugs. What they don’t understand is that the biggest problem is the EGGS. Unless you get rid of the eggs, the bed bugs will simply come back. Over and over again. This is why we always recommend that you use heat treatments which are eco friendly. The reason why is simple: heat treatment kills bed bug eggs!


Why heat treatment is the only thing that kills bed bug eggs 

As we’ve said, getting rid of the adult bed bugs isn’t enough. These bugs generally lay their eggs in places that are impossible for humans to reach. This is most often in cracks, or inside the frame of your bed. Even if you vacuum and wash, you won’t be able to reach these eggs. Even throwing out your mattress is of no use. The eggs will simply hatch in a few days and in no time at all you’ll be back to square one.

What you also have to consider are the nymphs. These nymphs are extremely small and almost invisible to the naked eye. They hide in places like cracks and crevices and quickly grow into adults. At this stage they can start breeding and lay eggs again.

square one

How do heat treatments work against beg bug eggs?

This is why you absolutely have to use heat treatments for nighttime pests. This is the only thing that kills bed bug eggs along with the adults and nymphs. Methods like fumigation have limited success. The adult die from the fumes, but the eggs are protected by their casing. Yes, some of these bugs may die once they hatch, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case.

On the other hand, heat treatments are 100% effective for insect control. This method is guaranteed to work. It kills bed bug eggs, along with the adults and nymphs. The reason why is simple. The technique works by placing a giant heating machine in the affected area. This machine slowly warms up the room. Eventually it becomes so hot that the eggs cannot survive. It’s almost like boiling an egg. The growing bugs are cooked alive in their egg casings and die.


The bottom line is that heat treatment kills bed bug eggs. This is the only method with a guaranteed track record. Don’t waste your time with constant vacuuming, washing, or with fumigation. The eggs will hatch in no time at all and the bugs will return. Heat treatments solve this problem in only a few hours. Contact us today for more information.


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