Keep Al Fresco Dining Free From Pests

How do you keep al fresco dining free from pests? This is a good question. After all, the main point of eating al fresco is that you get to enjoy the weather. This becomes pointless if you have pests descending. It’s hard to enjoy yourself with flies and other pests hanging around. To prevent this from happening, here are some tips you can follow.

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How to stay free from pests when eating outside

To start with, keep your home free of pests in general. If there are pests in your home, then you’ll also have to deal with them when eating outside. Besides that, your outside eating area should also be maintained. Remember, pests love to hide in clutter. These pests will emerge whenever you try to use your outside area – so keep it clean.

When eating, the best way to stay free from pests is by cleaning up after yourself. Avoid leaving dirty dishes and cutlery on the table so that you won’t need insect control. These should be removed the second that people are finished with them. This also applies to any rubbish. Empty crisps bags and drinks cans must be immediately thrown away. This bin should also have a lid, so that it does not attract pests.

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More tips to keep pests away from your table

Also keep your table top clean. This is especially true when it comes to spills. Cleaning is great pest prevention. If someone spills something, then clean it up. Things like fruit juice, wine and beer are a magnet for certain pests. These include things like fruit flies, house flies and ants.

It’s also critically important that food is kept covered. Open dishes are guaranteed to attract pests like flies and wasps. Make sure that all dishes have lids, and that these lids are kept on. This also goes for things like jars. Do not leave jars open and sitting on the table.

These tips will help to keep you free from pests and help you avoid getting flies. That being said, no matter how much you do, it’s still possible to attract bugs. This is why you may want to take extra pre-cautions.

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To start with, get yourself some citronella candles. Light these candles whenever you’re eating outside. The reason why they’re so popular is because they WORK.

What also works are herbs and plants. Many pests are repelled by plants like lavender, bay leaf, mint, rosemary and basil. These can be planted around your outside eating area. Essential oils will also help. You could even cook with these herbs and see what happens. Finally, if you really want to stay free from pests, then consider electronic pest control. Your best choice here are bug zappers. These devices attract and destroy pests and work fantastically.


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