Which Commercial Premises Need Regular Pest Services?

Does your business need regular pest services? If you’re a business, then it’s important that you answer this question. You see, you don’t want to spend money on pest control if you don’t actually need it. On the other hand, you don’t want to waste stock because you didn’t get in regular pest control. So how do you figure out if your business needs routine pest maintenance?

regular pest services

These businesses need regular pest services  

There are two types of businesses that need regular pest services. The first are those businesses which deal with food. The issue with pests is that they are mostly attracted to food. If there is any food in your business at all, then pests will always be a problem. For example, businesses like restaurants, cafes, takeaways and fast food outlets will always need pest control. In fact, these businesses absolutely require regular pest services.

Other food related businesses will also need these services. This includes places like grocery shops, corner shops, or any shop which sells food. For example, even shops selling ice cream may need pest control.  Factories and other places that process food, including bakeries, can also be included on this list, as well as warehouses storing food.

Other businesses that may surprise you

The second class of businesses which need pest control are those which sell expensive goods. In fact, the more expensive your goods are, the more likely you are to need pest control. Say for example, you’re selling designer clothing.


Or even something like carpets, bedding, curtains, and sofas. Did you know that these items can be targeted by moths? Yes, these pests can cause thousands of pounds of damage to these items. This is why regular pest services are so important in these businesses.

Another example of cars. Did you know that rodents are cause serious damage to cars? These pests love making a home for themselves in cars. They often climb into areas like the engine and live there for months undisturbed. Even worse, these rodents may chew on electrical wires and this can cause serious damage.

This damage may also happen in the case of electrical goods. Rats can get to these products and tear apart the packaging, making the product impossible to sell. This is why we’re so adamant that people selling luxury goods get pest control.

bakery shop with pests

Businesses storing goods should also be aware of pests because they like storage areas. If you have items in long term storage, then make sure to implement pest prevention measures.

Another commercial premises which may need pest control and a pest inspection are offices. While not usually associated with pests, offices can still have issues with vermin. Food, packaging and stationery can all be targeted by pests. If this happens, it may lower staff morale, or even make staff ill.

Bottom line, many commercial premises do actually need pest control. This includes any business that deals with food or sells luxury or expensive goods. It also includes business which store goods, and finally offices.


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