How Common Are Cockroaches In The UK?

We’ve all heard horror stories of cockroaches in the UK. These pests are found in almost every corner of the land. But is this really true? Are we facing a cockroach infestation, or are their numbers greatly exaggerated?

cockroaches in the UK

What you should know about cockroaches in the UK

One of the reasons why you may ask this question is because we live in a cooler climate. Cockroaches are typically found in warm and humid environments. So, shouldn’t this mean that cockroaches are less prevalent?

Not really. Cockroaches in the UK are able to survive with ease, despite it being colder. One of the reasons is because they live in warm places. For example, our houses are heated, which is why you often find cockroaches in your cupboards.

Another problem is warm kitchens. Restaurant kitchens are often extremely hot. This makes them a great place for cockroaches to live which is why they need regular pest control services. They are also attracted by the abundant food in kitchens. The point is that cockroaches in the UK are doing fine. These pests are just as common as anywhere else.

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Have cockroach numbers declined recently?

That being said, not everyone agrees with this. According to a new study, cockroaches in the UK have decreased massively. This study was done by one of the UKs biggest pest control companies. They claim that these pests have decreased by about 50% since 2019.

But why has this happened? The main reason is due to COVID-19, which caused hygiene standards to increase exponentially. You see, during lockdown, people became fanatic about cleaning and disinfecting everything. This made it a lot more difficult for cockroaches to survive and find food.

The other reason is because cockroaches face increased competition from other pests. This also makes it difficult to get food. For example, cockroaches are competing with more aggressive pests like rats and mice, which can also close a business.

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Something else which limits their numbers is the fact only two species of cockroaches live in the UK. These are the German and Oriental cockroaches. When you compare this to the 4,600 species found worldwide, it’s easy to see why cockroaches are spotted less often  than in some countries.

Despite this, you should be on your guard. Cockroaches are still a problem for many people in the UK, especially restaurant owners who have to erase cockroaches from food premises. Not only that, once these pests are on your property, they are extremely difficult to get rid of.

As we’ve said, the best way to defend yourself against cockroaches is by practicing good hygiene. Keep your home or restaurant as clean as possible. Make sure that there is no food debris in your home. Also make sure that your bins are emptied as soon as they as full. Dustbins should also seal. Ultimately, as long as there is no food to attract them, you’re unlikely to experience cockroach issues.


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