What Part Of The Day Are Fleas Most Active?

Anyone with fleas will know how irritating these pests can be. What’s more, you’ll know what a pain they are to get rid of. Doing this requires that you understand the behavior of these pests. For example, you need to know where they live and where they are most likely to be found. It’s also important that you know what part of the day fleas are most active.  

fleas are most active

Fleas are most active during these times

Why is it so important that you know this? The reason is simple, by knowing when fleas are most active and some simple flea facts, you’ll know when to look out for them. This is critical because it helps to determine if you’re actually dealing with fleas. Remember, the first step to eliminating pests, is knowing what pest you’re infested with.

This can be difficult when it comes to the subject of fleas. The reason why is because they share characteristics with other pests. The main characteristic is their bites. It can be hard to distinguish fleas bites from other things, like bed bug bites which mainly happen at night.


Now, fleas are most active during the following times and periods. To start with, these pests avoid the sun as much as possible. They mostly come out at sunset, and that’s when they do the majority of their feeding and egg laying. These pests are also somewhat active during the night, but not as much. On the other hand, they are least active during the day, and at sunrise.

What are the signs of fleas in your home?

That being said, fleas do not sleep like humans (although they do rest.) This means they can attack you at any time, whether it’s day or night. When it comes to time periods, fleas are most active during warm periods of the year. This usually includes from the start of spring, to mid autumn.

During these periods, you should be on your guard against fleas. It’s a good idea to keep a look out for their telltale signs. The biggest is if your cat or dog is continuously scratching themselves. Also keep a look out for flea dander (basically flea faeces.) This looks like a dark type of sand on your carpets, or your pet’s fur.

itchy cat  

Also look out for physical sightings of fleas. If you watch your carpets closely, you may see these pests jumping around. The best time to watch out for them is at around sunset. Also pay attention to any bites on your legs, feet and ankles. These bites will usually appear in a line or cluster. If you do think you have fleas, it’s best to call in a pest inspector for a whole house treatment. Yes, you can try things like vacuuming your carpets, but this has limited effectiveness. Ultimately, it’s better and easier to hire a professional.


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